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Beirut Attacks

As you’ve heard by now of the attacks on Lebanon caused by Hezballah. Israel is attacking the south, and have attacked the airport. And as of right now, nobody knows what exactly is Israel going to do. This is because Hezballah has kidnapped and killed some Israeli soldiers, and the Lebanese government has not done anything about them.

I didnt find out about this until this morning at work, and I found out the airport was bombed early in the morning. I was calling left and right, because my father was on the last MEA flight to Lebanon which landed around 1am. So after about 30 times of calling different numbers I managed to get through and find him. Hamdilla he is ok, and the reason he didnt answer is because he was resting! I was going nuts, but now I was thinking of a way to get him out. He doesnt seem to concerned about whats going on. He is still going to go to his business meetings, and doing what he usually does. His sturbornness is driving me mad! And Im happy to know that I can depend on my friends, because they have called non-stop telling me to convince my father to get out, and they can help to get him out. But he doesnt seem to concerned, so I can only keep calling him and checking up on him. He told me he has things under control, but that doesnt mean I think everything is ok.