Beirut Attacks

As you’ve heard by now of the attacks on Lebanon caused by Hezballah. Israel is attacking the south, and have attacked the airport. And as of right now, nobody knows what exactly is Israel going to do. This is because Hezballah has kidnapped and killed some Israeli soldiers, and the Lebanese government has not done anything about them.

I didnt find out about this until this morning at work, and I found out the airport was bombed early in the morning. I was calling left and right, because my father was on the last MEA flight to Lebanon which landed around 1am. So after about 30 times of calling different numbers I managed to get through and find him. Hamdilla he is ok, and the reason he didnt answer is because he was resting! I was going nuts, but now I was thinking of a way to get him out. He doesnt seem to concerned about whats going on. He is still going to go to his business meetings, and doing what he usually does. His sturbornness is driving me mad! And Im happy to know that I can depend on my friends, because they have called non-stop telling me to convince my father to get out, and they can help to get him out. But he doesnt seem to concerned, so I can only keep calling him and checking up on him. He told me he has things under control, but that doesnt mean I think everything is ok.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7imdillah your dad’s ok..

    i remember my dad going to Lebanon sometime during march 2000, just to get in on the action and the violence. 7imdillah wilshikir, kil ma kbaraw hal sheyaab kil ma zarat 3goolhom oo sawaw ashya2 ‘3abeya. la oo mistanis ma5ith weyah video camera oo raye7 y9awer. a5rat’ha he came back with tapes of plants and trees though hehhehe :P

  2. dont worry about ur dad… as long as he doesnt go to the south or deal with hizbullahs people he shall remain safe inshalla. People in the safe areas are going on with their lives normally.

  3. jewaira

    I hope your dad will be alright.

  4. extinct: He went for business and he knows a lot of people there fa I think he will be ok

    rampurple: people are safe as long as they arent on the highways too! And stay away from the south

    Jewaira: thank you!

  5. He will be ok inshallah the Embassy is keeping tabs on all q8i citizens currently in Lebanon.

  6. i heard they sent planes to syria to pick up the kuwaities .. inshallah khair

  7. Allah Ya7fetha o errid lekom bil salameh inshAllah..

  8. Greenwhite

    Man dont just read the news, analyze it. do u really think israel did all that because hizbollah kidnapped 2 soldiers? israel has been waiting for an opportunity to humilate lebanon and maybe reoccupy some territories, if it wasnt for hizbollah israel would have stayed in the south. i know you r gonna tell me israel is way stronger but the truth is if there was no fierce resistance israel would not have pulled out. Hopefully your dad will return safe inshala and we all have to be judgmental and reasonable because the west wants us to hate hizbolla and sympathize with israel.

  9. bro…my prayers…your dad will be alrite..just tell him to get outta that place asap…cheers

  10. The news agencies usually add some drama to the news for effect so things are worse than they seem. Don’t worry, Alla 5air 7afith. When is he coming back? inshalla soon?

  11. Mini R: Inshalla, bes im not really counting on the embassy right now. alah ya7fith el jamee3 inshalla

    extinct: they did send planes, but the hard part is getting to the syrian border.

    MSB: inshalla!

    greenwhite: as you said Israel just wants an oppurtunity and Hezballah gave them that oppurtunity. And you dont see ground troops moving in right now, because they dont want to occupy it, they want to cripple lebanon

    Cyberrowdy: thank you, and I’ve been telling him on the phone again and again.

    chai-7aleeb: i know, things are going to be screwed up for a while.

    ZinZin: I do understand that the news agencies exagerate, bes 7amdilla people I keep talking to are safe.. bes inshalla he can get out.

  12. extinct: I will be posting an update.. soon!!

  13. moe

    Well marzouq death can catch up with you anytime i guess precautions is better than not taking at all.Its strange how all of us value life so much because we know that we only get it once.

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