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Bierut Personel Update

I have been on the phone with people back and forth the past day and half. Some of my friends have family their as well, and my friend had his mother their by herself, but Im happy to say that she has arrived in Syria as of 8pm Friday night and he is in better shape. Yesterday he wanted to fly to Syria and try to get into Lebanon because his family left the day before her, and then the airport was bombed so I can imagine how he feels, but Im happy things are slowly working out with people’s family.

I spoke with my father a few times trying to figure out how things are there as well as a few friends who are there. And from what I know people are trying to leave Beirut and go to other areas for right now. My father with some family members that he has found out about are going to try to leave tommorow morning. And Im going to try to keep tabs on him every few hours. My cousin is there too but she is leaving with her friends’ family so she is leaving. Its going to be a hectic day tommorow. But Im confident that things are going to work out. O inshalla this seige of Lebanon stops soon.