Review: Rumor Has It


When I first saw this movie I thought it was just going to be a regular romantic comedy with a guy, and things turning out normally. And I love Jeniffer Aniston! I think she is fantastic! The story starts off with Aniston going back to Pasadena from New York to go to her sister’s wedding with her boyfriend who she is engaged to but wont tell anyone. Its pretty funny to begin with, and I thought it was going to be a regular story. But then they tell the story of some scandal happening in Pasadena and it got famous. I dont want to give away the story, but I have to say this is one entertaining dysfunctional family. And most of it happened between San Francisco and Pasadena. And for me it hit a personel note when I looking a places and road I was just at. So overall I really enjoyed the movie, and Aniston was great with her quirkiness. I have to say that there a few parts where I was like I love her! hehehe! If your looking for an enjoyable romantic comedy then this is it!

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Rating r3.5.bmp

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. moocherx

    that guy 3rd from the left… I forgot his name, Rufalo or something. Wish they hadn’t cast him as he seems to be “typical mr. romantic comedy” but if it’s on the plane I’ll watch it.

  2. Jacqui: U shall burn at the stake!

    moocherx: You would prebably enjoy since he isnt in it much!

  3. it was a very good movie,
    did u watch the breakup? she was good at that too. She is the new romantic comedy girl, the new meg ryan.

  4. Yazeed: I havent seen the movie, but Im dying to see it! I love vince Vaughn the guy is hilarious! With Jennifer as well this couldnt get any better!

  5. i thought it was a good movie too

    watched it on the plain home :)


  7. To me its like this:

    On one hand Angelina Jolie

    On the other hand Jennifer Aniston.

    and the Hand that has Jolie on it is always high high high high all the way up into the sky! Because I LOVE HER!

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