Day Around!

I feel exhausted! I feel like the car that reached the end of the race and has finally broke down! Left home at 7:45am and got back home in my seat at 9:31pm.

Was at the airport for over two hours plus visiting family, and doing other family related things. Im happy that my family and other families are ok. But today has been one hectic day! I have never run out of gas visiting family back and forth until today!

And today there were multiple times when I wanted to slap the crap out of some people and especially since I was driving my mother around. She is nervous when she sees any car break, so I have to be the best driver in the world! And sometimes I want to beat the crap out of some people!

My brain is slowly shutting down, Im getting very little functionality out of it. The logic in my brain is flawed, and Im seeing zeros and ones! I think my brain is making those pffffttttt sound when a bus comes to a stop!

Bed looks good right now!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. what a hectic day! sounds tiring just reading about it. Allah ye3eenik. Hope you had a good night’s sleep :)

  2. Bed always looks great no matter what time it is.

  3. ur mom is a brake-o-maniac?
    No WAY! mine tooo!

    its like she wants me to slap on the brakes even though i’m 7 meters away! and she somehow thinks that everyone on the road is a good driver except yours truely, MOI!

    driving around with her is like taking an extra hard no hope of passing driving test..

    and did i mention her hatred for english music? and sometimes the FM?

  4. ya36eek el 3afyah… u sound like ur laptop after the abuse!

  5. lol i guess that break problem has infected all the moms ;P i know how you feel i’ve been there before done that, oo el7emdellah 3la salamtek oo w9olek elbeet men `3eer la tkafe5 el awadem ;P

  6. adaydreamer: alah e3afeech, and damn sleep was good!

    extinct: LOL! alah e3afeech!

    Jacqui: but it looks more inviting when your this tired!

    baroque: LOL! no my mom hates braking so I have to keep 10m between me and car in front of me, and im driving decently slow with her, but still isnt enough! hehehehe! I only put a little FM in the background, because putting english music is suicide! hehehe! I know what you mean about the drivers test! Its the same everytime! hehehehe!


    outlaw: when they see the red lights they freak out as if you dont see it either! hahaha! o 7amdilla wusalt el bait bidoon ma akafikh a7ad! hehehehe! alah esalmik! hehehe!

  7. I am that tired now, I blame you for my nightmares ;P

  8. Cute UAE

    Thank u e-friends of Marzouq for entertaining me with u’r comments!
    U just made me crack up in my office!!!

    (Handing each of u a virtual brownie dripping with chocolate sauce and an espresso-to-go!) :D:D:D

  9. Jackie: hahahaha!

    Cute UAE: the mic is open to anyone in the crowd!

    Laialy: Yes it did … yesss it ddiiddd! hehehehe!

  10. I’m going to brush my teeth and go right to sleep… I’m just so tired!

  11. Pearls: I know how you feel! My back is aching! But I want to watch some anime before I pass out! hehehehe! I wasnt satisfied with my anime consumption today! LOL!

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