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Old School Shows

The other day when I was thinking about some old school shows that I wanted to keep on DVD. That I could keep watching again and again, and this is the list that I came up with. I really want these shows on DVD, but Im waiting for the whole tv series to come out on DVD!

  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  • Saved by the Bell
  • MASH 4077th
  • 21 jump street

Just last summer Fresh Prince was released on DVD, but Saved by the Bell and MASH are being released since a few years ago! Whenever I hear the song for any of these tv series it some how gets to me! I always loved Zack Morris, and who could forget Kelly Kupowski! hehehe! I could never get enough of MASH I have so many reruns on Star PLUS from back in the day, but I havent seen it all yet! But Im still nuts about it! These songs and tv series just keep pulling up memories that I totally forgot about! I will get them in due time, but I know there are some series which people cant stop watching no matter what! I cant forget Fresh Prince and Carlton going at it, with a sister who is a genius at being a weather girl! And Jefferey, who could forget Jefferey, if I had ever had a buttler I would want Jefferey. He would know how to insult my guests in the most entertaining way. And I think Carlton’s Dance moves were the best! What shows can you guys not stop watching?