Baked Alive

I have been at work a three hours now.. and the internet is slow for some reason, which is very annoying! But whats killing me is the A/C died a few hours ago!

They said they are working on it, but its getting HOT in here!  Its more like a damn oven! Its making me feel very annoyed! I want to kick the A/C people’s ass right now for not working on it last night! Why the hell did they decide to work on it in the damn afternoon! why didnt they come at 7am and work on it when it was slightly cooler!

I shall remain in a pissed off mood, until I get some cool air! I have drank 2 cold 7ups, and 4 glasses of water and counting! I think I might leave work to pick up one of those Wansa stand alone A/Cs!!!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Internet is acting up here too (and at home); I think one of the links is down again.

  2. Hmmm… you might need to go to your car and use the AC there! :oP

  3. It’s a conspiracy! The A/C repair companies deliberately sabotage the A/Cs so they fail during the summers.

    More money for them.

    We need to protest against this injustice. Lets fight for our right to cool air!

    New revolution: Cool Revolutionary Group

    Don’t mind me I lost my marbles.

  4. K: I know its acting up here at work!

    Stallion: I was thinking about doing that!!!

    judy: Its horrible!

    Mini: Im with you! I’ve lost my marbles! I boiling here! I want to kick someone’s ass!

  5. moocherx

    they should have a policy where you can leave your office if it gets too hot. Where I work, Kuwaiti’s can leave their offices when they just get too bored. And that’s often.

  6. Pearls: No, I need ice cream.

    moocherx: LOOOL! They just end up leaving! hehehe!

  7. LOL! I can complain about our basement’s A/C well better yet the corner that I am assigned for my computer and such but I can’t complain about my bedroom’s A/C since its most often cold and nice and crispy ;P

    But about the internet I believe I can complain about that because I hate hate hate hate slowness!

    Oooh I want me some ice cream :/ I had a weird dream.

  8. LOL :) maybe you are better off quitting your job and work in some place else that has suitable atmosphere. With that much beverages I guess you go to the bathroom three time a day when you are at work :)

  9. I actually dont mind heat all that much. It’s cold that I absolutely hate at work. It makes me wanna sleep! Anyway, you hope you managed to get some ice cream. I would kill for mint chocolate chip baskin robbins right now!

  10. moe

    Its good marzouq that you will experience extreme weather some of the people have to bear with who work in the heat all the time .Be thankful to Allah thay you are alive than complainig and moaning just because the A/C is out of order for once. I hope you get my point. I know all of us are into this material world that we even forget to thank Allah for his blessing. Remember in grave there will be no freaking A/c only your deeds. If you would like i can e-mail you the picture of torment of grave and mind you it will scared the hell out of each and everybody here .

  11. My AC died too!! the AC in my room! Oh My gosh! We are soulmates!!! Don’t you see?!

  12. silly A\C ppL ,, !!


  13. Jacqui: A/C problems are annoying! And the slow internet was killing me!

    Fallen Angel: Can you believe after drinking all that water I just go to the bathroom once a day! Its because I have been drinking so much probably!

    ZinZin: Im the oppositte of you! Could be cold as hell and I wouldnt mind! Its the heat that gets annoying for me! And I didnt get to the ice-cream! Lol

    moe: You have a guilt complex problem!! If you dont read my previous posts, my work does take me outside, and I am outside for a few hours. And if the labor laws here bother you so much then please go ahead and change them. I cant do much about them. And on a sidenote, if you want to keep preaching, please preach somewhere else.

    The Grenadine: LOOOOL! I went to the other office because of meeting, and I was happy the A/C was working!

    r7eeq: hehehehe! I know how you feel!

  14. moocherx

    no no Marzouq… please let us see the photos of the “torment of grave”…. I’m fascinated to know whether this factual image from inside a grave was taken on a digital camera, how the person came back to life to download the pics, etc. etc, I’m genuinely interested to see a 100% authentic view of the afterlife.

    Or is Moe talking bullsh*t?

  15. moocherx: hahahahahahahahaha! Dont worry about moe.. he reminds me of that Albino from the Da Vinci Code, and yes he has the powers to come back from the grave to show us the torment … he seems to be one tormented soul with one hell of a guilt trip!

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