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Baked Alive

I have been at work a three hours now.. and the internet is slow for some reason, which is very annoying! But whats killing me is the A/C died a few hours ago!

They said they are working on it, but its getting HOT in here!  Its more like a damn oven! Its making me feel very annoyed! I want to kick the A/C people’s ass right now for not working on it last night! Why the hell did they decide to work on it in the damn afternoon! why didnt they come at 7am and work on it when it was slightly cooler!

I shall remain in a pissed off mood, until I get some cool air! I have drank 2 cold 7ups, and 4 glasses of water and counting! I think I might leave work to pick up one of those Wansa stand alone A/Cs!!!