License + Police + U-Turn

Well I think some of you guys get the picture here! I decided to make my own U-turn the other day, because I was pissed off at traffic!!! no no no.. just kidding! Well that was what was going through my mind, but after my little incident I wish I did! Here goes.

I had to go pickup come clients from Crowne Plaza in Farwaniya, and I was on the 5th Ring Road, and Yarmouk is on my right so I take the exit. And I wanted to make a left, but I knew there was construction and no light so you are forced to exit right, which I did. And the first time I went through I didnt know about the construction so I went over the first side walk on my left that I could (thank god for the land cruiser) because I was in a hurry and I was going to be late for a meeting! And I hate being late! I like to set an example, even if my driving was slightly maniacal. Anyways the first time I did it I got away with it, and their was no police in sight. Did I mention that I had an older co-worker with me who was screaming his head off and asking for the help of God, but to me that is just background noise! hehehehehe!

Back to my story! So this is the second time I enter this road so I had previous knowledge so I thought I would go to the right and make the U-turn since there was no U-turn. I was on the airport road, Yarmook on my right, and Shuweikh on my left with the 4th Ring Road in front of me. I get to the light after two different light changes, I made it on the 3rd light change. And I made the U-turn, I see a police car as I am driving down the road on the right just after making the U-turn that has pulled another car over. I really didnt care I just wanted to make it to the Crowne Plaza and I knew I was making good time. So as I passed the police car he had his lights on from before, and he pulled out a few cars behind me and he just kept his lights on. I get to the 5th Ring Road, and he still behind me. So after a little while I exit to take the road to the Crowne Plaza, and he starts flying behind me to pull me over for some reason. Then he tells me to pull over so I do. Then I get out to talk to him, and he tells me to give him my license and registration. I really had no clue what was up, but then he said that he was told by his boss to take my license and registration, and he told me its because he saw me going opposite traffic. I was confused, because the first time I decided not to go over the middle partion I was told that I was going opposite traffic! Then he told I made an ilegal U-turn, but the light was green and there was rusted sign on it. So after arguing and convincing him to talk to his higher up, he said he had to act my license or regstration. So I told him to take my license since the Landcruiser wasnt in my name, and I feel responsible for it, but I was pissed and I had a meeting to go. To make the U-turn I had to go completely under the bridge and then make a U-turn! But at the next bridge you can make a U-turn at the light, and at the Damascus Street, and 4th ring road intersection you can make the U-turn at the light. So his boss was just being a dick, and the guy followed me for 1.5Km! He had nothing better to do. He was nice and was being nice towards him, he told me he would have let me go if it wasnt for his boss seeing me. So I asked for the name of his boss but he didnt want to give that up. And I didnt want to give the guy a hard time, so I told him give me the ticket, and give me the registration keep my license. He told me I can pick up my license that day on tuesday 11th of July. But my license wasnt available for pick up until Monday 17th of July! I went a couple of times to check I had the mandoob from the office to go check. And this all for a 15KD fine! I would have been fine with a ticket for the illegal U-turn, but taking my license was just plain stupid!

Also lessons for people to learn:

  • Be nice only if the person is nice in front of you
  • DO NOT! I MEAN DO NOT ever give them your car keys! Even they tell you! Tell them you will follow them, but nobody is driving your car but you. They will thrash your car, and you wont know what happened to it!
  • And if worst comes to worse just drive home! But DO NOT give them your car keys!

All this mess was stupid and completely unreasonable! Next I want to see the cop try to chase me when Im on the bike!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. moocherx

    or… do anything illegally so long as you’ve checked all around for police presence!
    Last night, I wanted to get home but Belajat St. was closed. Had to detour through Salmiya, and there’s some road alongside Holiday Inn which is one long long long unbroken raised kerb in between and I needed a turn on the other side of the road.
    So I stick my jeep into 4WD and climb over the central reservation to the envy of saloon car drivers :) …but of course, not without thoroughly checking for the police first.

  2. mooocherx: I can understand illegal, but they cant have different policies for different bridges! Thats what Im talking about! And after my little incident, I asked around and found out sometimes they change it and sometimes they put it back up(no U-turn sign)! Its annoying as hell!

  3. Ouch! sorry you had to go through that!

    I used to hit alot of pavememts when I was driving a Land Cruiser and once I was driving on the street behind Shaeikh sa3ad’s house and hit the pavement infront of a cop and he didn’t pull me over! I was on the pavement when he drove past me and drove onto the street after he passed me then I followed him all the way to the Shi3ib Park where he turned to stop at a Bakala!

    Now I can’t hit pavements anymore cause I am too worried about my car! :oP

  4. hmmmm….tough time…even for a kuwaiti…dont talk about expat-police relation…especially on traffic fines and security checks…

  5. Stallion: hehehe! Thats why i will always have a landcruiser! i cant stop taknig side walks.. my family dont trust me with any other car! LOL!

    Cyber: I can understand how you feel, because they are rude to everyone, but sometimes they cant get away with it! They need to improve there PR skills!

  6. I drove the opposite way on share3 balajet yesterday; there was no u turn at the end of share3 il ma6a3m; and I wanted to go to Maki. Drove to the end of the road, went the wrong way and drove back on the road. :D

  7. moocherx

    Hey K…. do you know what the problem was on Belajat last night? I couldn’t get to my house!

  8. moocherx

    nevermind…. found the culprit on K’s blog.

  9. I can imagine you in your dishdasha and going on your bike ;P That would be one hell of a chase LOL!

  10. Jacqui: There would be no way in hell I would get my leg over the bike in a dishdasha!

  11. moocherx

    then just make sure you’re wearing sensible underpants when you try it, M.

  12. hahahhahha

    marzouk on dishdasha and(w/helmet?) with gutha and okal…on bike…LOL….hahahahhahahhaha that makes my day!

  13. moocherx: the wind would expose a lot! hehehe!

    CyberRowdy: I wont lie.. they other day in the garage with my dishdasha on I went ahead and put my leg over, but while no one was looking! hehehe!

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