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  • Blood+
  • Ah My Goddess!
  • Naruto
  • Bleach
  • Eureka Seven


  • Burst Angel
  • Baki the Grappler
  • Fafner
  • Shadow Skill
  • Kaze no Yojimbo

Going to finish a few of them in the next week, but I hope Naruto and Bleach never end!

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  1. Dude .. i need episodes 41-50from eureka seven u have a download link ??

  2. fractal: what you talking about episodes end at 26!

  3. Dude .. no i have till episode 40 … the story ends at episode 50 .. check ANIME NEWS NETWORK….

  4. fractal: I did after your post! I have been to preoccupied with other animes! Barely had enough time to watch them! So I checked and Im dling! Now Im at episode 43! Looking for the other ones! I will keep you posted!

  5. I am currently downloading episode 42 .. but i think that the series ended in Japan, it’s subbing is too slow i guess :S

  6. fractal: yeah I know the subbing must be slow! I want the rest of the episodes!

  7. sifiguy

    hi everybody do you know where can i download Baki the Grappler part 2,please give me a link ….
    about naruto it will still be going ,i think for another two years ,according to the writter of the manga naruto is going to grow up in the series so we can expect great things from this anime ….
    about bleach its a great anime its never boring…
    fractal00 if you are a resident of kuwait i have ureka seven complete ,i dident watch it yet thou
    so if you live near hawally i can give it to you … i am visitting kuwait and its my first time here so i dont know too many places ,and i have 300gigs of emty space ,if you got some anime i am willing to trade….

  8. sifiguy: I have baki on DVD, not online.. didnt find out who subbed it online so I just kept on buying the dvd. I have other good anime if you would want that.

  9. sifiguy

    marzouq:yes,please i would like that …
    i have season one of baki and i am looking for part two,so if i can copy the second part from you or trade ,or tell me where to buy here in kuwait ..
    i live in hawally is there a nearby place that sells anime …
    i have 300gig of free space i want to fill before i go back to lebanon …..
    please advise…
    ps:obaid told me about your web site …and he said you could help out …

  10. sifiguy: how long are you going to be in kuwait? I can give you some stuff no many episodes is season one? because I only have up to DVD 9. waiting for the other ones to come out. I have other animes you would probably love, whats your taste in anime? No places in Kuwait for anime really.. Im busy for a couple days but I will be back by friday..

  11. sifiguy

    marzouq: thanx man,apreciate it….
    i will be here till :6/12/2006…
    there are 24 eps in season one…(i have these).
    my taste in anime …frankly love everything from ninja,martial arts,mecha,love stories,comedy like:(he is my master, hyena)…everything anime…
    and if you like mecha try :gasaraki its good …
    or evangeleon ….
    most of my stuff i have back in lebanon ,about 2 terra of i have about 400 gigs…if you like some i can give or if you missing an eps and i have it with me i’l be happy to give…
    hope everything works out for you….goodluck…

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