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MTC & Me

My GPRS was working fine a few days ago, but now it says “Subrscribe to Packet Data” and I knew this was going to happen thanks to KtheKuwaiti‘s and nibaq‘s comments on my previous problems with MTC gprs and MMS settings! And now its not working on my normal phone to work on my imate. So im just going to wait until they finish with all their updates.

But Wataniya is looking very apetizing right now with their HSDPA and Edge coverage of Kuwait!

And a side note for people who have two or more lines with MTC. I have over paid my lines before when I travel, because they disconnect whenever they can. So there is a line I havent used for a while and it has a balance which could pay the other line, but MTC says you can pay for both as one, but you can’t transfer a surplus payment from one to the other!

Unused Line: + 142KD

Used Line: -94KD

And you cant use the other balance! Now thats annoying!