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My GPRS was working fine a few days ago, but now it says “Subrscribe to Packet Data” and I knew this was going to happen thanks to KtheKuwaiti‘s and nibaq‘s comments on my previous problems with MTC gprs and MMS settings! And now its not working on my normal phone to work on my imate. So im just going to wait until they finish with all their updates.

But Wataniya is looking very apetizing right now with their HSDPA and Edge coverage of Kuwait!

And a side note for people who have two or more lines with MTC. I have over paid my lines before when I travel, because they disconnect whenever they can. So there is a line I havent used for a while and it has a balance which could pay the other line, but MTC says you can pay for both as one, but you can’t transfer a surplus payment from one to the other!

Unused Line: + 142KD

Used Line: -94KD

And you cant use the other balance! Now thats annoying!

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  1. I don’t know if this can be of use for your phone situation but MTC now offers this HDSPA thing using 3G instead of Edge. 3G is more advanced and they said they cover 95% of Kuwait. It’s for computers (same as the Wataniya idea where you put this card inside a slot in your PC and then you get internet wherever you go.) Maybe if you subscribe to 3G you wouldn’t have internet interruptions on your phone?

  2. ZinZin .. your terminology us a bit off.


    HSDPA is currently only available from wataniya and in very limited areas (Major Malls). You do not need a data card to make use of these services; just a phone that can act as a modem (and supports these technologies). Currently, there are no phones released that support HDSPA. But since you can find a wifi connection (faster/cheaper) in the areas with HDSPA .. you don’t really need it.

  3. I’m still pissed at MTC and Wataniya for not having the settings for my M600i when it comes to GPRS and MMS! Now I am worried about when I get the P990 that I will have the same issue!

  4. Settings for your phone? Just put them in Manually .. or send the settings from any other SonyEricsson phone, it should work.

  5. kTheKuwaiti, I was probably wrong about the “HSDPA” but I wasn’t wrong about the 3G which basically tells me I was probably discussing a different thing altogether. What Wataniya has had out for a while which MTC just introduced (I saw it in a booth in Marina) is the 3G thing for your computer where you put a data card in a slot on your PC and you can have wireless internet everywhere. And I was trying to tell Marzouq that maybe somehow that same technology can be applied to his phone?

  6. Dude .. switch over to wataniya .. their pcmcia edge cards/gprs on the phone is way awesome …i mean the pcmicia edge card isn’t fast … but i have been using it for almost a year now and it only failed me once and that’s because they were doing some maintenance on the service…

  7. torturedsiren

    the best thing is to switch off your cell find a near bin and get rid of it …

  8. tortured

    oh no wait it expensive..hehehe

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