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We will fly again to Beirut that’s a promise!


We will fly again to Beirut
that’s a promise!

Jazeera Airways would like to update you on the current situation in Lebanon and its impact on our flights to and from Beirut. Following the closure of Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (BIA), we have re-routed our Beirut flights to Damascus and since then we have been engaged in a massive airlift of evacuees to Kuwait.

In the past five days we have flown 18 flights to Syria and airlifted over 2500 people to Kuwait. We welcomed every person and every family with a ticket to Kuwait, regardless of the issuing airline, and even accepted people with no tickets at all. And none of these efforts could have been done without the strong coordination with the Kuwait Embassies in Syria and Lebanon, Directorate General of Civil Aviation in Kuwait and the Syrian civil aviation authorities, and for that we thank them.

We will continue to fly to Damascus, operating as many flights as required until July 19, 2006, and that date may be extended if more people still need to be evacuated.

Affected Travelers
This only affects travelers to and from Beirut; Jazeera Airways operations into and out of Kuwait International Airport to other destinations continue to operate as normal. We are closely monitoring the situation in Lebanon and look forward to resuming our flights to Beirut as soon as possible. However, that will happen only after we are completely sure that our travelers and crew will be absolutely safe. In the meantime, we assure you that we are doing everything possible to ensure the least amount of inconvenience to travelers as a result of the turbulent situation in Lebanon, and the resulting closure of the airport.

All travelers with bookings to Beirut will have the full amount credited with Jazeera Airways automatically. They can use this credit to fly to any Jazeera Airways destination anytime within one year, or until July 17, 2007, whichever comes earlier. As an additional measure of appreciation and care for our concerned customers, they will also enjoy a 10% discount on their next flight with Jazeera Airways.

Or they can choose a full refund with no deductions.

To claim their refund, they must send an email to <[email protected]> quoting traveler name/s, reservation no. and amount paid; or call 177 with the same details; or approach the Jazeera Airways Ticket Desk at the airport.

• If they paid by cash, they will receive a cheque after 7 days
• If they paid by Credit/K-Net Card, their account will be credited within 15 days
• If they used a travel agent, they must contact him/her directly

Jazeera Airways is an airline that understands, cares for, and protects its customers from the repercussions of unforeseen emergency situations. It is always our endeavor to help make things easier – even in difficult situations such as the present one – so that your experience with Jazeera Airways remains consistently empowering.

We will fly back to Beirut.

Now this is good service. 


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