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Al Mulla Garage


So the other day my friend came down the morning to get into his Dodge Durango before going to work. He calls me up on his way down, and Im talking to the guy about food and stuff from the damn morning. While he was starting up the car I heard someting in the background like it was a big explosion, and I all I could hear from him was *#$% *@#(* #$%*$ (I add words here).

He gets out of his car and there is a fat lump in his hood. So I while Im on the phone with him, I redirect my way towards his house and fly over. 10 mins later I am there! The battery inside the car EXPLODED! Literally! It caused a huge dent inside the hood, as if someone punched it from the inside! There was battery acid every where! I reminded me of the blood from Alien and you could here the hiss! So I called a tow truck, and I told him not to touch the inside of the car. It was towed to Al Mulla to have it fixed. Ok we thought they would call us with a reason.

He is one light and cautious driver, and he takes the car in for service and getting everything fixed at the dealership type of person. So they have all the records and everything has always done at Al Mulla even though for their bad service! His car for a four year old car is in pristine condition! If that happened in my Landcruiser I wouldnt be surprised since I drive it like its a tank (which it is), but then again its built by Toyota.

Then the Al Mulla garage calls him and tells him it will cost him 495KD to fix the car! To fix the hood, repaint, new battery, new air compressor fan (it was damaged), wiring was damaged, car ECU was melted/shocked, and a few other things inside the car needs to be replaced because of the damage. He blew up and I would have to! He was shouting at them like crazy! They said its not their fault, and it isnt covered under the engine warranty even though he just had his service done a month ago! They were being ass’s about it! And this with their company buying lots of cars from them, and him being considered a VIP customer. He is paying as much as someone would pay to have a Porsche Turbo fixed! He was pissed, but they said they cant do anything about it. He wanted to slap the crap out of them, and we knew they were over charging him on parts, but they said they already took 200KD off the bill. That means it was orignally 695KD!!! Thats crazy! And they dont know why it exploded, and they wont cover it! And this with him paying for extended warranty!

Lesson Learned: Never buy a car from Al Mulla!

He will sell the Durango when he can!