IceCream Urge!


So the past couple of days I have been mentioning back and forth about wanting ice cream, and thinking about ice cream. And just things like that popping into my head. Well at last the urge got to me and I got 4 large scoops Chocolate Chip from 31 Baskin Robins to satisfy that urge! And yes I got my friend some Butter Pecan and just the same amount of scoops so I wont feel guilty eating this on my own. We were eating this while watch a japanese movie in subtitles, and and I have say that it completely satisfied that urge. I no longer have the urge to eat that much ice cream! Maybe i will at a later point, but not right now! hehehe!

And yes that is an Xbox 360 controller in the background!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i am going to go get a banana royal now

  2. as sexygoba so eloquently put it “I LOVE YOUR SOFA!” as well hehe is it from Ikea’s 2004 collection? Is it wise to be eating ice-cream on it? More importantly what was that movie? Don’t tease :P Lastly, bil3afya! hehe

  3. Mmm perfect for a hot July day in Kuwait…and the sofa is wonderfully relaxing too!

  4. *Drools*
    BASKIN ROBINSONS!! We don’t get it in my area…the nearest one is like 2 hours drive. All we get is the stupid Blizzard from Dairy Queens :(

  5. :| been craving ice cream too.. now i gotta go get some!!! ift… mmmm banana royalle… mmmmm mint chocolate chip….!!! have i mentioned that i dont like u???

  6. moe

    If you keep eating Ice cream in this much quantity or sweet products.THen my friend you are heading towards diabetes.

  7. Bil 3afya…3ad today i had ice cream from that new place new marina next to gameworks….i didnt like it…and im an ice cream fanatic.

  8. shaklik sa7abt 3ala the KDD mini’s :P

    Bo Rzaigah, do my tag pweez :”>

  9. Boy…your hand looks like a new born baby’s hand… :D

  10. Aham shay enna each one is noticing something else but the ice cream :P the sofa, the hands the tv set :P heheh

    I’ve been having an ice-cream urge forever!! I think i’m going to end it TODAY :P

  11. 3leech bel 3afyah enty wyahom .. : )

  12. Jackie: now.. but my hands were freezing!

    sexygoba: I love it too!

    Mark: I hope you got that Banana Royal!

    DnG: No its not from IKEA, we made this sofa from the khaimah material a few years ago.. turned them into couchs with lots of cushions.. then I turned them around and positioned them into beds in front of the tv! Its sooo comfortable! Enough for about 8 people! And we were watching Patalabor the Movie(the new one).. soo good! I only watch in Japanese.. sometimes the dubs are bad! hehehe!

  13. Jewaira: The ice cream hit the spot.. and the sofa was just right after a long day!

    Fallen Angel: I would drive that 2hours with an ice box in the back!

    MSB: hehehehe! no one can resist ice cream!

    moe: you will drown if you drink too much water!

    Laialy: anytime! hehehehe!

    DR: stick to the classics! 31, Hagen Daz, KDD, and Wells! hehehehe

    Extinct-Dodo: I will do your tag!! And no I didnt! I just added to it! You should see my next post! hehehehe!

    Cyber: Its just the ice cream is HUGE! hahahaha!

    ButterFly: I know everyone is noticing something! And u need to satisfy that urge! I know i did! hehehehe!

    ZinZin: Everyone seems to at this point!

    r7eeq: I think your right.. ZinZin should eat some ice cream!

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