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Review: Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift

Most of everyone knows by now that the main story behind this series is underground racing, or people’s lives revolving around racing so I wont go over that. All I have to say is this is as good as the first one! The second one was horrible! But this third one had a very good story line, we amazing cars, and drifting like crazy. The music fit the movie perfectly. You get to see a side of Japan that you have never seen before and thats whats great. The main character seems to have a thick Texan accent, but it fits that he is a foreigner in Japan or a Geijin (outsider). If you enjoy fast cars, and cool story line then I recommend this movie for you. There is something special at the end that will make you go wild! What I liked about this one is that there is more real driving, and less graphic and special affects like the second one. So if you have some time, and what to enjoy a light movie then go ahead and watch this! And so many sick ass cars! I need to move to Japan! hehehe!



Link: IMDB

Rating: r3.5.bmp