Review: Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift

Most of everyone knows by now that the main story behind this series is underground racing, or people’s lives revolving around racing so I wont go over that. All I have to say is this is as good as the first one! The second one was horrible! But this third one had a very good story line, we amazing cars, and drifting like crazy. The music fit the movie perfectly. You get to see a side of Japan that you have never seen before and thats whats great. The main character seems to have a thick Texan accent, but it fits that he is a foreigner in Japan or a Geijin (outsider). If you enjoy fast cars, and cool story line then I recommend this movie for you. There is something special at the end that will make you go wild! What I liked about this one is that there is more real driving, and less graphic and special affects like the second one. So if you have some time, and what to enjoy a light movie then go ahead and watch this! And so many sick ass cars! I need to move to Japan! hehehe!



Link: IMDB

Rating: r3.5.bmp

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  1. i will wait for this one on DVD to add it to my collection hehehe

  2. Laialy: Agreed! i will add it to my Dvd collection!

  3. I just saw it at the movies yesterday, and totally loved it! Didja’ see the guy in a japanese school uniform? It was such a treat! Oh my god, and the drifting, it was crazy! Shawigoonee hehe I totally agree though, the 1st one was really good, the second one sucked, and the third is awesome! +100 cool points just for shooting it in Japan hehe

  4. DnG: I agree the school uniforms made me want to go there! Plus I watch too much anime! And that it was done in Japan is another plus!

  5. Purgatory

    Its like Karate Kid 2 on wheels

  6. lol ..

    Between the three movies i have to say the first one was the best … no-one can beat Vin Diesel in my dictionary …But since drifting is my thing, this movie rocked, i really enjoyed the car races/drifts and the whole Japanese atmosphere was awesome, it was nice seeing a japanese school setting that’s not part of some anime .. *Hint* FMP, GTO *HINT*

  7. Purg: hahahaha! I dont even know how you put that one together!

    fractal:LOOOL!! Ur probably just like me and DnG.. the Japanese school pushed it over the top for us! hehehe!

  8. :D dude me you D’N’G and any others we might know of who are into anime and RPGs should hold an ANime/RPG marathon day,watch/play/discuss/exchange anything related to those…

  9. fractal: I know it would be cool, but time is factor that sucks for me! dont have much time always running around! hehehe! but one time we gotta do it! hehehe!

  10. prince dragon

    nice pics… but i wanna know something… somebody know what is the name of the actress who plays the role of neela???

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