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Stop.. Wake Up

Funny dream..

I was in the theater with a couple of friends watching Alien vs. Predator.. then when the movies end I get on a bike, it isnt bike I have ridden before, but four of my friends were riding with me and the rest of the guys were in the truck! I was on a Aprillia RSV-R, I couldnt remember all the other bikes, but I remember a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, my R1, and a couple of other bikes dont remember what exactly but cool colors! And I felt pumped as hell after the movie! That the predator kicked the Alien’s ass!p00468_0107.jpg

So when I got on the bike outside I started the bike up by putting my thumb on a biometric scanner where the keyhole is supposed to be and it started it up with a rumble that could only match the beats of my heart! It felt exhilirating. And all I knew is that we had to ride 36 miles (about 70Km) to the city(San Francisco) in under 35 mintues. And we knew we could make it! We all started up the bikes, and the truck was bumping the music. But we knew we would have to leave the truck to catch up with us since it couldnt keep up with the bikes! And we took from the parking lot, exited down the road to get on the 101 (main highway to 101). And off we went! I was flying down the highway! We were passing cars on the highway as if they were parked!


The music in my helmet was at full blast! I was playing some DMX, the Roots, Tupac, and some Jay-Z! When the song DMX- We Right Here started playing I dropped the bike on gear and got screaming, twisted the throttle and pulled the front wheel off the ground slightly. I remember Hamdy pulling up on the Ninja and pulling forward while Waleed is riding the R1 and pulls up next to me and watch Hamdy take-off! We were all traveling at an excess of 140mph+ (225kph+) and we were getting close to the city, and it was only 20 mins since we left!

The best part comes when we are in the city and the hills that we can take with the bike, and the curvy part of the highway just before the exit! oh so much fun! Couldnt wait to get to the steak house! A few miles before the exit and I could here my phone ring! Then I work up and my damn phone was ringing! I could remember the whole dream, because I was pissed the phone woke me up!

I need to get on a bike soon! This is rediculous! hehehe!


And I need to get my leg over this bike at one point in time, because it is so damn sexy!