Office Chair

At last! I have been using this old leather office chair which is no less then 10 years old. Its still ok, but when it gets hot its very annoying! I was thinking of swiping one of those mesh seats from the offices in the lower floors without anyone looking! hehehe!

But at last I found it! Thanks to a co-worker for sitting and messing around with the other seats I have found out how to tilt my damn chair! It took us 15 mins to figure it out! For the life of me I couldnt figure it out! Usually you just lean in or push at the right angle while pressing the button down and your back will lean back. Not this one, no matter what I tried it didnt work! But at last it is so simple its annoying! You push it to the inside while your not sitting on it! Not up, down, left, or right! Its pushing inside and pulling towards the outside locks it in! How annoying is that! And the only reason he found our how to do it is because he almost flipped backwards sitting on the chair that could lean back and we didnt know! But at last I can lean back, so Im rocking back and forth.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. moocherx

    rock on!

  2. It’s always some simple solution that escapes us! Sometimes we try too hard ;)

  3. jewaira: the simplest solutions are the hardest to find! hehehehe!

  4. looooooooooooooooool

    at5ayal shakil wa7ed raa7 e6ee7 min el kersiii hehehehe

  5. I always have a problem with adjusting office chairs. I dont know why they dont make them simple or electronic.

  6. Laialy: sara7a I thought it was going to happen, and I was already laughing!

    sexygoba: oohhh electronic! Now that would be a nice chair! With ventilation systems! hehehehe!

  7. I am using….workwell chairs…its damn expensive…1000$ each..but gives you the best lumbar support and is the most RSI compliant chair..

  8. Cyber: I have no clue what that is! Whats their website? The only cool office chair I have found here and there only two models is at the One

  9. Cyber: I like the more mesh types! the types that let your back and bottom air out! Those are cool!

  10. hmmm….we are not supposed to use any other chairs in the office…strictly we have orders not to use any others chairs coz of some health concerns like repetetive stresss injury…

  11. Cyber: both chairs are pretty damn comfortable, and you sit in an upright position!

  12. agoolik shay :p

    7asafaa ma 6aa7

    bss ashwaa ma 6aa7

    loool i have mixed emotions … i mean it would have been funny bss ba3dain yaksir el 5a6er

  13. Laialy: ok.. soo um at least let him fall (then laugh), then feel bad and help him up! that would have been perfect! LOL

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