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Late Night Ride


I wont bore you guys too much with the details of the day, but lets just say that it took up a certain amount of time. And I decided ealier in the day that I wanted to ride, I dont care what happens or what I do.. I want to ride!

So I ended up having to do a few family things, and I knew I was tired. After I was done with all my family deeds, I went and got a quick hair cut.. simple razor to the head, and a nice shave getting my goatee in order. Which was done pretty quick! And I was happy with the results, so I raced home from Salmiya. And I parked the car, and I was looking forward to trying some new gear. It was 9:50pm! And my goal was to be home by 11:00pm so I had a decent amount of time to ride.

I tried the new gear on! New helmet, New Jacket, and a pair of pants I havent worn before! And It was snug! Just right! I felt completely protect! and you can the armor in the shoulders, elbows, back, thighs, and knees! Black to from head to toe! My camera wasnt charged so I couldnt take any pics, but I will next time! I haven been riding for three weeks! So it felt good to ride! and I went from Miseela to the first ring road and then back down the airport road to home while circumnavigating traffic! hehehe! I have to say that many people were moving out of the way, so I was happy about that! The only two close calls I had were for some odd reason with women in hijaab and both in Toyota Prados, so I was staying away from every prado after that! But it felt good, getting more and more comfortable in the new gear and getting back into my rythem! And I needed this to unwind and clear my head!

I got home, parked Robo downstairs after a stellar performance! I was smiling a lot while riding under that helmet! I think people will think this new gear matchs the look of the bike a lot more then what I wore before, but I will keep wearing what I had before! I took the gear off, and jumped into a cool shower! Damn that felt good! After that my body felt like Jello and Im hitting the sac!

Take a Note: Need to Ride more!