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Review: Virgin Airlines


Its true.. everything is true!!!!


The first feeling you get when you walk into their lounge is great. I thought I was in an Austin Powers movie. I got used to British Airways for years. I have never flown on Virgin Airlines so I thought I would inform people of how great they are. The lounge has a modern 70s look to it. There is a saloon for men and women, a business center, and a massage area. Of course they had a huge bar with waiters flying around all over the place with cocktails, martinees, and some coffee. The funny part is that it was 8 am and people want to drink!





The atmosphere and ambience in the lounge was amazing. The lounge is located in Terminal 3 in Heathrow Airport. The type of people that are in the lounge are different then most places I have seen. Usually I feel like I am the one who is underdressed and messy. This time I felt that most everyone was like that or wearing funky clothing.

I was in Upper Business Class which is pretty cool, you can take off with the plane seat leaned back all the way because of the way its built. Its different then any other airline design I have seen. The seat slides down to recline only to a certain degree, and their screens are large and comfortable to watch. Its a touch screen system with video on demand! On you can choose any movie and it will automatically start. Everyone was always in a very good mood, and I felt like I was sitting in a Rolling Stones Magazine!

The one thing I didnt know that came to be true was that there was a masseuse! I couldnt believe and she came to me after asking people if they wanted a massage. When she asked me if i wanted a massage I said of course, but I was wondering how it was going to happen. She gave me a choice between back, hand, and foot massage. I asked for the back massage, because I thought it would be the best. So when it became my turn to have the massage I was extremely happy about it. So there was a stool that I sat on, and she proceeded to give the massage. It wasnt bad for a massage but I its better then nothing.

I went back to my seat, and got the food which was good. It wasnt amazing, but it wasnt half as bad as some of the food that I have had on some airlines. So I had my food, and I watched a movie and I still had a decent 7 hours before landing in Los Angeles. So I decided to go to sleep. So go to sleep I had to get up and press a button at front and the chair would flip over to turn into a completely flat bed which was decently comfortable for a plane. I got a down comforter and I off to sleep I went.

After a good nap I woke up for lunch which was also good. I just needed a little stretch. The plane landed without any complications. And I managed to go through US immigrations without any problems so I was happy. The US customs officer was Lebanese so he was speaking to me in Arabic, and kept asking me if I brought sweets that I had to declare. Well I didnt bring any sweets but he kept asking. So I told him next time I will bring some for him! And then he stopped asking and laughed. The one thing that wasnt good was that they lost one of my bags, which was the only bad part. Thats why I give them a 3.5 out of 5 instead of 4 out of 5. And the ticket is quite costly, so that was one part that i think needs to be worked on. And now Virgin Airlines are flying out of Dubai to all their other loactions through London.

Rating: r3.5.bmp

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