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Batman Begins


Christian Bale is an amazing actor, and he lives and breaths the characters he plays! Im not here to judge his acting skills! But he is damned good! I love this movie! Michael Keaton and Christian Bale stand at the same level in my opinion! He did Batman justice! He brought back the distraught Hero, the Dark Hero! I have seen this movie quiet a few times and I stil enjoy it everytime I watch it. I havent seen it in over six months so it was fun watching it last night!

One thing I really want from that movie! Is that damn Tank! That is what is needed to drive in Kuwait and any where else! that is one monstrous vehicle! If you need to go fast just hit the turbine engine to make you go fast! You can ram through walls! I love the superswaper tires! Its got half off-road and half on-road characteristics! Probably has a great sound system! Enough seating for two people! what more could you ask for! Seriously! I would plow through people who are annoying in Kuwait! And anywhere else for that matter! I want this car! I want to build it! I will do it from scratch if I had the damn schematics! I know what tires he used, the engine and a few other thigns but thats it! I need the rocket launcher, state of the art light weight armor for the body! It should withstand a direct hit from a tank! I really want this thing! And parking is not going to be a problem! Like who is going to tow it!