Bike Tip: Your First Bike


If you have never ridden a bike before there are two real ways to go about it.

  • To take a motorcycle riding course
  • In Kuwait, call TriStar (4838101)
  • In UK ( DAS, Direct Access meaning you skip the crappy bikes and can go to the heavey weights! hehehe)
  • In US (MSF can help for each state)

Now about getting the bike. There is a few things you have to keep in mind. In the UK if you dont take the DAS (Direct Access) you have to cant buy for then a 250cc motorcycle. In Kuwait and the US you can pretty much buy what you want, but that isnt the smartest thing.

I recommend that you a buy a used 600cc motorcycle. Since you dont want to put too much money into a new bike. And a really good bike to start of with is Honda CBR 600 F4i (01-03) since it is a motorcycle you would probably keep for a while, and it handles really well and has a smooth throttle. A Kawasaki Ninja would probably scare you half to death since it has very raw type of power to it. Yamaha and Suzuki have ok bikes to learn on, but the Honda has always been a godo bike to choose to start off on. Nothing is written in stone, im just recommending a bike which is smooth and easy for a rider to get comfortable on. You could also pickup motorcycles such as the Yamaha FZ6 or the Suzuki Bandits, and those are really good bikes to learn on as well. But if you want to go supersport then I recommend the Honda.



A few reasons why I recommend a Japanese 600cc used motorcycle:

  • They have really good engines.
  • A 600cc motorcycle is a really powerful motorcycle, and its faster then 99% of all the vehicles out there.
  • Your going to drop the bike, its just a matter of time, and it hurts a lot more when the bike is new. If they bike is used and already has a few scratchs then you probably wont be too mad at yourself.
  • You will keep this bike for a while before going to a 1000cc motorcycle.

I have learned from my mistakes and Im telling you out of my own experience do not buy a 1000cc motorcycle for your first bike, because you have a high probability of killing yourself since you dont know the potentional of those 300+ kph ( 180+ mph) bikes are capable of.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. marzoouq !
    i missed ur blog wallah!
    any ways im not into bikes
    actually i know they look hot cool and all bs wallah
    everytime i see a biker speeding my heart stops i always pray he gets home safely inshalah :(

    i dont know i worry alot i guess.
    any ways i know my comment has nothing to do with ur post … sorry :p

  2. no3ik: looool! La 3ady! Comment were ever you feel like and on any subject that pops into mind! But I know what you mean!

  3. how much would a bike like that cost used? Where wuold I look for a used bike?

  4. Mark: speed zone has a few use motorcycles and they are on Blajat Street, and there are also the dealerships themselves they will have bikes, and after finding one and it looks in decent condition take it to TriStar and they will do a full check up for 20KD so that you know if anything is wrong with it. So you wont get a crappy bike.

  5. Marzouq,

    hmmm I was strongly going to buy my a new Honda 1000RR for my first bike.. you got me thinking now to change my mind and look for a used 600.
    Is the tristar course good?

  6. Hitman1: The tristar course gives you a good basic idea, but you would still need practice. It would cost you 200KD, but at least you would drop their bikes not yours! Secondly a used 600 can be found pretty easily and sold pretty easily. Just as long as its in good mechanical shape. Your good to go!

  7. ace

    i ride a nija 500 as my first bike and yea its pritty fast but ive never rode any other bike and i like the honda 600 but which ones faster stock

  8. Ace: If you want a fast stock Honda then there is the 600RR, but I recommend the 600 F4i since its more forgiving and a good all around bike. You will enjoy it and you won’t get bored of it easily.

  9. Biohazard

    So when practicing how likely is it for me to hurt my legs seriously?

    ‘Cause I’d have a bike already if I didn’t fear for my legs.

  10. Very informative Article, gonna link to it.

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  12. Kismat: I’m happy it good be of help, I got a few more things to add to it later! As well as other articles to write up!

  13. HDi

    man..can u help me..out to buy a used honda 600 in UAE..where can i find it..

  14. Nikoro

    Hey Marzouq

    Cool Blog. I’m curious but what are the two bikes on your logo? There both sweet.

  15. Nikoro

    Also, forgot to ask but what do you think about Yamaha’s as a first bike choice?

  16. Pagan Rider: Just need time to organize! Will get back to you with the tips section and I’m going to update this one as well.

    HDi: No clue about the UAE in regards to used bikes.

    Nikoro: I would recommend the 2003 to 2005 Yamaha R6 or if you don’t want the sport then the FZ6 is a very good beginner bike! The two bikes on my logo are the MV Agusta F4 1000 and Benelli TNT

  17. HDi.

    ive been wanting to ride for a while now and thinking my height could be a problem. im 5.5 or 5.6 it ok..if i get a yamaha R6 Or CBR u height can be a prob…can u recommend me.. bikes ( sport )

  18. HDi: that isn’t a problem at all, most test riders are between 5.5 to 5.8 so a 600 would be perfect for you, from those two I do recommend bot the CBR 600 F4 or F4i and the Yamaha R6!


    Hello guys,
    I have always been very enthusiasting about Bikes and never got opportunity to ride a bike,I have Kwt Driving license,I want to know that is it possible to ride a bike on the normal driving license or do we need special driving license for bikes,If I have to Get a license for bike then is there any way by which by which I can get one ride without license?

  20. hdi

    man i bought a used cbr600rr 2004 as ma 1st bike..but i kinda find da seat hight lil bit high for me..any idea..wat can i do abt it.. i heard abt lowerlink but not sure wat is dat…can u help me out…

  21. SWOS

    MOHAMMAD: u need a bike license to drive a bike in Q8.

    hdi: i think the best thing to do is to take it to the authorized dealer,they might be able to lower it, they lowered my Honda XR650R free of charge before i picked it up.

    Just some tips regarding the Tristar (200KD) bike training course:

    -Its really great for first timers ! (i took it!)
    -Isn’t expensive since they will not only provide a helmet,protective gear and advice but will also take their bike with u so u can do ur bike riding test to take ur licence (included with the 200KD!)
    -They have experienced staff with many years of experience
    -They will make u ride several different bikes from a small 100cc bike up to a 600cc bike which will increase your confidence as a rider
    -They will put you through several different tests (how to do a zigzag,drive between lines,using signals….etc) many more!
    -can take from a week up to a month! its basically over when u feel that ur ready to take ur riding test !

  22. jole

    great blog, Marzouq. been wanting to ride for a while and this is the place where i finally found really good info about it. i need advice on chosing my first bike since i have a problem with height – similar to HDi’s, but in the opposite way – i’m 6.6 tall and my idea was also cbr 600 or yamaha r6. m i 2 tall for those? could u recommend a right bike for me? thanks

  23. saurabh

    i like to buy used bike so plz call me 7714964

  24. nader

    i use to a ktm dirt bike and was thinking of getting a Superbike 848 EVO ducati as a first bike. Would a used Superbike 848 EVO be too much as a first bike ?

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