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Bike Tip: Your First Bike


If you have never ridden a bike before there are two real ways to go about it.

  • To take a motorcycle riding course
    • In Kuwait, call TriStar (4838101)
    • In UK ( DAS, Direct Access meaning you skip the crappy bikes and can go to the heavey weights! hehehe)
    • In US (MSF can help for each state)

Now about getting the bike. There is a few things you have to keep in mind. In the UK if you dont take the DAS (Direct Access) you have to cant buy for then a 250cc motorcycle. In Kuwait and the US you can pretty much buy what you want, but that isnt the smartest thing.

I recommend that you a buy a used 600cc motorcycle. Since you dont want to put too much money into a new bike. And a really good bike to start of with is Honda CBR 600 F4i (01-03) since it is a motorcycle you would probably keep for a while, and it handles really well and has a smooth throttle. A Kawasaki Ninja would probably scare you half to death since it has very raw type of power to it. Yamaha and Suzuki have ok bikes to learn on, but the Honda has always been a godo bike to choose to start off on. Nothing is written in stone, im just recommending a bike which is smooth and easy for a rider to get comfortable on. You could also pickup motorcycles such as the Yamaha FZ6 or the Suzuki Bandits, and those are really good bikes to learn on as well. But if you want to go supersport then I recommend the Honda.



A few reasons why I recommend a Japanese 600cc used motorcycle:

  • They have really good engines.
  • A 600cc motorcycle is a really powerful motorcycle, and its faster then 99% of all the vehicles out there.
  • Your going to drop the bike, its just a matter of time, and it hurts a lot more when the bike is new. If they bike is used and already has a few scratchs then you probably wont be too mad at yourself.
  • You will keep this bike for a while before going to a 1000cc motorcycle.

I have learned from my mistakes and Im telling you out of my own experience do not buy a 1000cc motorcycle for your first bike, because you have a high probability of killing yourself since you dont know the potentional of those 300+ kph ( 180+ mph) bikes are capable of.