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Elevator n Q8


I have been to a few places the past couple of days from work to visiting some family in the hospital and other areas as well. And I have been using the elevator to get the floors I wanted. I was at the parking structure in the city close to Restaurant 99′ and I was taking the elevator back up to the 3 rd floor. There was this Indian guy a few steps behind and then a Kuwaiti guy a few steps behind him. I already clicked my floor, and I held the door open with my hand, because I dont trust any old elevators in Kuwait to work the way they should, the first guy comes in, the Kuwaiti guy comes and at this point I move away from the buttons there is another guy coming and he sees us and I could see the Kuwaiti guy pressing his floor, and then I thought he is going to hit the open, but no he hits close. Then I asked why did you close it, you so the guy coming. Then he said “Mista3yil” (Im in a hurry), I told him if he was then should have taken the stairs because these are slow elevators, but I knew he was pissed that I said something to him. And I really didnt care that he was pissed! I was thinking if he resorted to physical violence I could take him! hehehehe! I got off on the floor before his so I went reallllyyy slowly! hehehehe! I know that pissed him off too!

Then I was in an office building in the city, and I was holding the elevator for some guy, and another guy was coming and he hits the close button as well. So then I said “Mista3yil?” in a very sarcastic tone. And I know the guy didnt appreciate that, but I thought to hell with it. He gave me a dirty look and I was staring him in the face, then he turned and looked the other way. Me 1:Him 0.

Then I was at the Muwasat visiting my aunt since she was feeling a bit under the weather. I went just after work so I didnt expect to see a lot of people. This time I got in the elevator and there was a guy coming down the hallway so I keep the elevator open. I hit floor 4 and he hits 3, and then I see a lady who seems to want to come on the elevator, but she is a few steps away and I know he saw her but he kept hitting the close button. So I put my foot at the elevator door and kept it open and smiled to the guy when she came in she said mashkoor to both of us thinking he was holding the door. He was giving me a dirty look and I was smiling! It entertained me that this guy was pissed off because he couldnt wait 30 seconds for another person to get on the elevator!

I think they should disengage the close buttons in elevators and see what happens to people in Kuwait. And forget about public hospitals the elevators turn into sardine cans, and some people are hitting the close the moment they are on the elevator! hehehe