You Feel

ssoooo full after a really big meal!

I dont usually eat much during dinner, but I have one weakness. At the family dinner I saw Chinese Food! I was in shock! and I was hungry!

I kept eating and eating and eating! I know I shouldnt but I couldnt stop! It was so good!

After the meal, I was so full I couldnt breath! I was like “No one talk to me, leave me aloneeeee” hehehehehehehe

I want to lay down on the floor and flap around like a walrus! and roll to where ever I needed to go!

And even though I stuffed myself.. I dont feel bad at all.. I feel damn good!

(running  50 kms tommorow!)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Its been so long since we’ve talked I miss that.

  2. jarib laban activia lemodat 7 ayaam oo shoof keef ysa3id bilhadm. oo iza ma 7asait bilfarg, momkin tistarji3 feloosak (in my best 7ijazi accent :p)

    bil3afyah :D

  3. moocherx

    run 100km then you can eat the same tomorrow ;-)

    btw, did you say you go to C Club? I’ve been there 2 weeks now. Best 950KD I ever spent.

  4. Jackie: Work! hehehehe!

    extinct: alah e3aafeech! Dont babies drink that?

    Jewaira: alah e3aafeech!

    Bella Color: Alah e3aafeech!

    moocherx: thats what Im thinking! And yes im at the C Club, I know its fantastic isnt it!

    Moey: hehehe!

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