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KDD Milk Bottles


I dont know what you guys have had for breakfast before but Im the type of guy to enjoy my Frosties! I have always loved frosties since it put me on sugar high since I was 4 and bouncing off the walls! I still like it, and Tony the Tiger is damn cool! The one problem I have is something which involves the process of eating the cereal! Which is the KDD milk bottle.
Does KDD have any industrial designers? Seriously! Cant they design an opening which is simple and spill proof? The one opening of the top is good, but it makes me feel dumb, because if its new it will make you pull hard then you spill it. And when you pour it out, it spills EVERYWHERE! couldnt they think of another way which lets the flow out simply without me positioning the carton over the cereal so whatever is spilt goes directly into it!


Come on KDD all that money, and no industrial engineers!