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Review: Hashi

I went to Hashi the other day with two friends. Its located next to Johnny Rockets above Salhiya parking. We walked in at 6:40pm, and there was just one couple there and the place was empty. We were expecting that since we came early and wanted to leave early. The place is nice, it is dimly lit with modern furniture. You can see the chefs behind their sushi counter.



The menu consists of two cuisines, Japanese and Chinese. We ordered an assortment of sushi and maki rolls, and then we ordered a couple of Chinese dishes. It took a little while for the dishes to come, but we did order a lot of food since we were hungry as hell. When the food came it looked good, just like the dishes out of a magazine.



We started eating and the food just kept coming, but the sushi dishes weren’t good. I had the unagi and some spider roll, and it didn’t taste good. I was surprised it didn’t taste good, but most of the sushis didn’t taste good we were surprised. But the Chinese dishes tasted good, and we were happy about that being good since the sushi didn’t do it us for us. So I wouldn’t go there for Japanese food, but the Chinese was good. By the time we were done we spent about 11KD per person, and I dont think it was worth it at all for the Japanese food, but the Chinese food I would go back for. And I did like that they have Voss water! I really like Voss water, it tastes good and the bottle itself is coolest looking I have seen!
Rating: (seperated into two for the two cuisines)

Japanese Food: r1.0.bmp
Chinese Food: r3.5.bmp