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What a Night! hehe

So a bunch of the guys were coming over to my place to grab something to eat and watch a movie, maybe play some halo! So that is what the goal of night was! So earlier in the day I picked a friend of mine and we went to get a few things!

I wanted to pickup a book from Virgin and couple of Xbox 360 games! And then go to Hawally to pick up a few movies, and then we would go back to my place! Throughout the evening people will be trickling over! So I wanted to finish up quick and head home, and I had an early start so I was good on time.

Picked up my friend and head over to Marina Mall, I got the book. And I couldnt find Halo 2 or Halo 1 in Virgin they were sold out, but I picked up Prey, and Chrome Hounds! Both looked really cool! The one thing the Xbox 360 has going for it is the built-in wireless controllers but it is lacking in multiplayer games! Lots of good single player games! Like Hitman: Blood, Oblivian, X-Men United, but still I want some multiplayer to play with my friends.. less like Socom and more like Halo 3! hehehe!

Anyways .. so then we head over to Rihab. And when I walked into the store in Rihab called Gamestation, I previously bought an Xbox 360 from those guys, and I returned the next day to pick up another one because it wasnt functioning. So I told the guy it wasnt playing any games and when he put in the other games he knew it wasnt working, so he exchanged it for me no problem. That was a couple of weeks back. So when I came in I just wanted to buy a game. Then the guy tells me that I opened up the XBox 360 and messed around with it. So when he was accussing me of that I blew up in his face in front of all his customers! I told him to watch what he is saying, because he sold me a defective product that I returned the next day which he tested. Secondly I have spent a lot of money at this store, do you not know who your customers are. I was pissed, and I told him when I opened the Xbox 360 the Profile was previously configured so I thought that it was opened for testing purposes by your store! And he said Im not saying that you did it, so I told him that if he sells defective products not to blame his customers! Why the hell would I want to break a damn Xbox 360. I want to reach over and strangle the guy. He was nervous and apologized everybody in the store was quite! Then I told do you have Halo 1 or Halo 2!!! My friend wanted to laugh! But then he was like no, the other store has it! So I want to the other store and I walked around! Turns out nobody had Halo 1! They only had Halo 2! so I go it! Went to the other side picked up a couple of dvds! some ok cinema copy some dvd copy! hehehe!

Then went back to my place and a few guys were on the way and we started playing Halo 2! and let me say that I am demon at Halo 2! At any stage on any level! always had a minimum of a 18 kill lead! And it ends at 25! Im not gloating! … No way I am! Im damn good at Halo! Challengers please come!

People kept showing up! Jokes and insults were flying around! Dinner was supposed to be at 9:00pm! A friend calls us and tells us he ran out of gas, and he needs the super super unleaded! So I figured out where he was, and me a friend went flying to the gas station! And all I had in the house was a small gas container which would suffice, and a tiny funny! So I thought a funnel is better then no funnel! I had dinner delayed until 9:30pm! We were flying! Filled up the small tank at the gas station! And we had to go through South Surra to exit on the highway behind him! I was flying over every bump! Couldnt care! The Landcruiser is TANK! And I was flying to the guy.. didnt want to leave him stranded for long and what was funny is that Range Rover was traying to race me.. and all I have to say is that Land Cruiser turned out to be faster! So I got entertained while taking care of this little emergency! So within 10 minutes we got there! Im a Rally Driver!

So now for the little problem! The funnel was too small and there is a valve that closes the gas tank at the top.. so we had to push it with something! Im went rummaging through the landcruiser like a gopher! Found some of the some tools in the back for the spare tire which we could use to push the valve open! And we found it! So we tried but the funnel was too small! And all I could think about was the damn food! If only we brought a water bottle then we could fill it up and use it! Then I remembered! I always carry a water bottle with me in the land cruiser! I open up the small fridge in the middle and Voila!!!! SOLUTION! Im like the McGuyver of mechanical situations! My friend who came with me was laughing and was hungry! and the other guy had some Gasoline spilt on him just like me! But we were laughing because we could hear the music from the LandCruiser.. cars were flying buy and just this whole predicament! Then we started filling the gas in the bottle and then put the bottle into the gas tank! It worked like clock work! and 9 bottles of gas later the car had a good amount of gas! And then we headed off to my place! We got their everyone was starving! And they started putting the food on the table! And we were lookint at it like hyenas! hehehehe! Drooling and everything! We destroyed the food and we watched Adam Sandlers movie Click! Which was pretty cool (I will be writing a review!)

Then at the end of the night people were going home, some had work, some were just tired! And while we were outside one of our friends raced the other guy out of the road in reverse! It was the funniest thing I have seen in a while! In a Fiat! hahahaha! You could here the turbo kicking in, and you could here him laughing! What an end to a crazy day! I was just happy everyone was full!

PS. The car that ran out of gas was a MiniCooper! If the MiniCooper says that its empty! Then its really empty, and it stopped on him!
Sorry for the long post people!

Seriously.. what a night!

Update: Dinner included spaghetti bolognese, chicken fried rice, peking duck, and KUBAH! hehehehe! And we ate a hell of a lot! Cleaned it up! hehehe