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I Ran out of Battery!

Literally! Im exhausted! I feel good! I was in the water from 1 pm until 6 pm! Did some wakeboarding in a bit wavey water! I felt good as hell! For everyone time I got up! I fell 10 times! I was enjoying the one time I was up everytime! It drained the hell out of me and I think I swallowed 10 gallons of salt water, a few Shanis, and a couple of bottles of water!

Damn it felt good! I got a good work out, and I think I will sleep like a baby tonight! I will post up the pictures at work tommorow! I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!

I went to a couple of motorcycle dealerships on thursday, and I was enjoying my day! I also dropped off a friend’s phone to get fixed! Then I went home, and met up with a couple of friends and we watched a movie which I will be posting about later!