Uniform Holiday!

Half days… who thought of them? Seriously!

Why cant we all get the same two days off! I dont want to work half a day on thursday! I think the people who work half a day on thursday get the short end of the stick! Because people who work in Banks and Financing they get Friday and Saturday off. And some people get Thursday and Friday off. But this half day thing really gets to me sometimes!

I think they should make all working holidays Friday and Saturday if they want to be uniform with financial institutuions and give us a damn break! Anyone else think it should be this way? Everything is working fine in the other countries with everyone having saturday and sunday off!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. So, let me get this straight… You have a 1.5 day weekend?! Well, That SUCKS!! I have 2-day weekend and I would love to have a looong weekend every weekend.. Like 3-4 day weekend .. heheh wouldnt that be great?! “Ameen to that” ;)

  2. Cuteberry: Yes you got that straight! It sucks and I know it! thats why im complaining!

  3. DiiGMaa: I wish that too! I wish I could be in the water right now instead of sitting behind a desk!

  4. I would say that only financial institutes should get Friday and Saturday off while everything else gets Thursday and Friday!

  5. Stallion: the reason Im saying is move everything to friday saturday is so people could meet up with all their family members.. a lot of my cousins and people i know work for banks. So just to time it all together. And the traffic is just as bad on a saturday as it is any other morning. So I dont think the traffic will make a difference. The only thing is the schools! Well at least two days holiday!

  6. Streetjab

    Marzouk.. u work ???lol.. Excellent suggestion though!

    In the UAE effective september the govt orgs are gonna have Fri & Saturdays off ..and soon the private sector will follow.

    We need this uniformity in Kuwait.Lets petition the govt (how the heck do u do that here? )

  7. Streetjab: Yes I work! hehehe! UAE has a good working policy then! I think you should protest in front of parliment and let them know! hehehe!

  8. Streetjab

    sure thing!Lets get the whole 248am entourage and do this…say next week ? ;) …oh and we do need the Landcruiser- as a getaway vehicle.lol

  9. Streetjab: No prob! I will even take off the plates so cameras cant take a picture of me speeding away in the getaway car! hahaha!

  10. dimplez

    in bahrain effective sept ..fri &sat will be r offical weekend..but since 80% of bahrainiz work in banks and already used to sat..its no biggi..it will only make a difference 4 schools…and don’t worry..it will soon happen in q8..trust me…

  11. dimplez: I hope your right! That will help make things simpler!!

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