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Picking Up Robo

It was a rediculously hot day, and I was thinking about picking it up on a thursday a little while back, but I had too many things to do that thursday and I really wanted to pick it up since I havent had the bike for over two weeks! Not having my bike was killing me! Even if I wasnt riding Robo, I really dont want it in someone else’s garage, I want him in my garage! Safe and sound! But it was too hot to go after work on thursday, and I couldnt go in the evening so I told them I would pick up the bike on saturday after 6pm. They close at 5 pm so they told me the gaurd (7aris) will be waiting for me. So I went over their with my gear in the land cruiser! Like usual the garage was closed down, so I saw the gaurd and spoke to him, and he had no clue who I was. But I saw my bike in the back next to a few other bikes. But the gaurd was a bit skeptical, and he didnt know what was up so I called the service guy’s mobile number, and he picked up. But he forgot to tell him, and they forgot to wash the bikes. I even sent the money for the bill earlier in the day. But it was no problem since I pulled my bike out from between the bikes. And I wiped it down just enough for me to get on it, and the rest of the dust will fly off.

Gear in the Landcruiser



The gaurd (7aris) was a funny guy! I was joking around with him while cleaning up the bike!


Some what dusty but I missed Robo!


Ready to launch and the sun is setting!


The service and putting some more carbon fiber parts on the bike didnt cost too much. Total of 41 KD.

Problems Fixed at 1000km Service:

  • Front breaks werent doing too well so the discs were replaced under warranty.
  • The ABS system was malfunction so only the servo breaks were available, and the computer was replaced under warranty.
  • The did an oil change, changed the oil filter, clean the air filter, and check the engine.
  • And the carbon fiber parts were put on.

The part that took some time was replacing the ABS computer, they to wait a week and a half to get the part! But I didnt mind too much, but I wanted Robo back in the my garage! While this was all going on the service guy kept calling me and apologizing for the mix up with the guard. I didnt mind at all since the guard was doing his job, and it didnt take long to clear things up!

After that I got on the bike! Leaving Shuweikh Industrial Area, and my plan was taking the scenic route home which was fun. My mp3 player was charge and I was ready to go! I took the second ring road all the way to gulf street, stop by the One for a bit to take a look at a few things, and then took the gulf road all the way back home! And when I got home I have a nice cold coke in a bottle! Couldnt have a been a more pleasent day! I wish I had more of those kinds of days!

More pictures below

filling up some gas!


Thank god for cheap gas!



Me and Robo at a quick stop at Marina to go to the One!



Back home safe and sound!


Look at him nice and shiny! hehehe!


Damn good cold coke! Hit the spot! Nothing better then this after a hot ride! hehehe!