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Review: Full Metal Panic: 2nd Raid


Plot Summary: This series is set about two months after the events ocurred in the Tuatha de Danaan at the end of the original series. Mithril becomes aware of a secret organization that has technology able to counter the ECS (Electronic Cloaking System) mode. This organization, known as Amalgam, also has “Black Technology”, obtained from “Whispered” like Kaname Chidori, and like the other intelligency agencies, they intend to obtain more. However, when Sousuke’s mission to protect Chidori is terminated by Mithril, all seems to be in place for Amalgam’s plans… Like many of its fans know, it is based of the FMP novel “The End of Day by Day.”

This is one amazing continuation of the the first Full Metal Panic! Unlike FMP-Fumoffu this isnt comedy based, even though it does have its moments. There is a lot of depth to it, and this time Mithril is fighting off an unknown enemy who have similar if not better technology to them. The plot line is fantastic, the depth of characters get even better. And the mecha action is so good that I cant get enough of it! This series ended so well but I still want more!
Link: AnimeNewNetwork

Rating: r4.51.bmp