Review: Seagate Portable HD



Everyone loves extra storage, and more storage! You can never have enough storage! You are always bound to run out of storage! Enough about storage let us go to the device!

This is the Seagate Portable HD, and I have the 160 GB version. Have you ever been over at friend’s place, and wanted to transfer movies, a lot of pictures, or mp3s and it would take too long to burn to DVD. And most other external HDs are just too bulky and some require software to be installed. This is your perfect solution!


  • Large amount of space
  • Very fast USB 2.0 transfer (480 Mbps)
  • Very compact case
  • No power cord neccesary, powered through the USB.
  • No software neccesary, completely plug-n-play.
  • Works on Windows and Macs
  • Very Durable Case, and internal structure.
  • Not heavy at all
  • Software available for back-up use (Never tried it)


  • A bit pricey, and not available everywhere.

Price: $250.00

Where to Buy: Provantage
Link: Seagate
Rating: r4.5

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 250$ ? shucks!!!…

    I actually want a high capacity portable HD without power cord which is very reliable…

    U know of any ?

    If nothing, I might be forced to buy this one…

  2. Menon
    get them from hawally
    80gb, and i think they have 100 gb
    6 months ago they were priced (the 80gb) at around 28-30 kd
    cheap, and it looks smaller than seagate’s
    btw, they are normal laptop HD encased in an external case, usb2, and no power needed other than the usb cable,
    i have 3 of those!

  3. I bought two of em…toshiba laptop HD…

    Replaced em over 4 times….

    I need something very reliable…
    I lost 4 seasons of 24 like that…

  4. yeah STAY AWAY from Tosshiba drives.
    I got my brother a seagate 5400rpm 80gb with enclosure for KD33.

  5. SEAGATE gentlement SEAGATE! so freaking good!

  6. never ending storage saga! companies need to bring down the cost / mb down! coz I need a TB of space to store all my junk…LOL

  7. Cyber: Im with you on that! I want them to bring down the damn cost!

  8. Mark .. which place did you get the seagate from?

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