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Since a friend of mine wanted to check out some phones, I usually just go along and check out the new phones. And some of them look cool, and some people already know about. But I thought I would post the prices that I found. Maybe someone found them cheaper, maybe not. Some of them looked great! And some I knew would break the moment you walk out the door!
Sony Ericcson K800i


Price: 165 KD
Quick Summary: Light, lots of functions, best camera phone, and loud speaker

Sony Ericcson K610i


Price: 115 KD
Quick Summary: Very compact, fully featured, 2.0 MegaPixel, loud speaker

Nokia N80


Price: 165 KD
Quick Summary: Bulky, Good Camera, Lots of functionality, ok battery life

Nokia 6233


Price: 100KD
Quick Summary: Upgrade from the 6230i, better screen, 2.0 Megapixel camera, very nice design, best bang for your buck, Mirco SD not Mini SD

LG KG800 Chocolate


Price: 150 KD
Quick Summary: Looks cool, touch pad on the front (no buttons), nice screen, camera not that good, girls would love it because it looks fashionable, doesnt play MP3s, no expandable memory.

My Ranking:

  1. Sony Ericcson K800i
  2. Sony Ericsson K610i
  3. Nokia 6233
  4. Nokia N80
  5. LG KG800

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  1. but marz, in my opinion those two nokias look like ugly girls(they are feminine)…LOL and out of the SE ones, I love the 800i. that phone looks techie..LOL

  2. CyberRowdy: Im for the SE really!

    Menon: Those are the prices we got from my phone! for a brand new phone with warranty. And this is without haggling!

  3. The Nokia N80 is not worth 165Kd; I have one and its buggy as hell.

  4. I’ll stick with my Palm Treo 650, love; but nice write up though!

  5. K: I agree!

    Jacqui: Some people like it and some dont

    amer: too bad there isnt a palm sellers in kuwait, so the 700 can be sold here!

  6. Marzouk I heard they releasing some GSM Palms in Europe soon: “Nitro” and the “Lennon.”

  7. wow!

    i really liked the LG one 7adddda cool ;)

    ok now tell me why didnt u put my pretty pretty nokia phone :“(

  8. amer: that would be cool

    no3ik: those are the ones that I was just checking out.. didnt see any other phones, and these are the ones i played around with!

  9. lol ok i was kidding tara ;p
    heheheheeh ok, thanks.

  10. geo

    which shop did you find the k800i for 165? cause all the places i visited sold it for 190+ some were even selling it for 240

  11. no3ik: hehehe!

    geo: phone center 2454022! Thats the numbers!

  12. bought the K800i a couple weeks ago here for BD169. I absolutely love it!

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  14. Roa

    what is the latest LG mobile?


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