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Trip Update Dubai

We got to Dubai!

The Olympic Airlines looked like a 20 yearold chewed up version of Jazeera! I paid the price of damn Sri Lanka Airline not Jazeera! The funny part in the Airplane the flight attendents didnt speak except a few words of English and half the time I had no clue what they were saying! But I didnt care! I just wanted to get there!

I was just happy our bags came with us to the Dubai, I was expecting them not to be there and I was ready to get pissed! But I was very happy when I saw our bags!

But its all good! I got out, the car came. I told the driver he will get a huge tip if he will get us there in under 15 mins! And he flew! And he also breaked like crazy for all the damn cameras! There are a TON of cameras in Dubai every damn 100 meters!

We got here! Check in after they got all the paperwork from us! We came into the room! Ordered some food! I got a burger because I was damn hungry! And I was to sleep with a full stomach, and dont care about the health ramifications! At some point I think my friend wanted to strangle me because I wouldnt let him sleep and kept laughing! We were both losing it after this long day! But we got here!

Food soon, and watching tv! Then pass out until the meeting!