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Back in Kuwait

That was a nice quick trip. I was out most of the time! It was an enjoyable time, and I went around to a lot of different places! I love that there is so many electronic stores! I made a few purchases as well as spent some time at the Virgin Mega Store there! That one is really huge! Did a bit of swimming too! The weather was pretty good in Dubai! 34 – 39 Degrees with some humidity, I didnt mind the humidity that much, and it was ok to go outside!

I also ate a lot of food! Went to a steak house, noodle house, and a few more places to eat! And I just dropped off my friend who is flying back to the states! And today we came back in Emirates Airlines, it was on time so I was happy about that! We watched Gladiator on my friend’s portable dvd player! That brought back memories! And we got there on time! The plane was filled! Kids runnning around bouncing off the walls in the plane! One kid looked like a midget to me! He was funny as hell running around everywhere, and talking to random people then leaving them in mid conversation! Made me laugh just watching him! He walked up to me looked at me and smiled a huge smile because he could see me laughing then he ran off to talk to someone else!

We came back got a bite to eat at home, relaxed and watched a movie then I took my friend back to the airport so he could catch his flight back to the states! He has a long day ahead of him! And I got work in a couple of hours! Work kept calling me on wednesday morning and thursday morning. But I got a few things done! So I didnt leave too many things unfinished!

I will be posting a lot of pictures! I couldnt stop taking pictures!