Hobby Shop Dubai

This Hobby Shop looked so damn cool! Its inside Emirates Mall! Some where next to the electronics places opposite Karefoor (I think thats how you spell it). When I saw that store I felt like I shrunk and became a kid again! I wanted to run in there and buy the biggest R/C truck available and look for the first ramp to jump it off of!! It looked like a hell of a lot of fun!

I used to love Tamiyas! Because I had so many and I would always burn the gears out, and break a couple of wish bones so I would always use different car parts to fix other cars! They seemed interchangable! And I always wanted to get a Kyosho, but I didnt! And there were a lot of helicopters in this store! So many! And they were huge!




More Pictures Below!





A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Cute UAE

    Glad u’ve enjoyed ur stay in El-Emaraaaaaaat!!! Best of all, that u’ve enjoyed my city Dubai-Dar-El7ay! :D
    Yup! That store is a wild one! My cousin is a big freak when it comes to flying those mini-planes (god knows what u call them)
    The Noodle-House is a good one! Next time u gotta go to Italian Connection!!! It’s a purely italian restaurant! They bake fresh bread and Tiramisu is an extreme torture!!!
    Yallah! El-7imdilaaaaaaaaaah 3ala essalamah bro! :P

  2. Cute UAE: Alah esalmich! I had a great time! I want to find different restaurants that taste good as well! It was fun as hell! I wish we had cinemas like yours! Uncut!! hehehe! Next time I will ask for details earlier but this was one hell of surprise trip! I want to get me one of those R/C cars again! Brought back memories!!

  3. Sami

    Tamiyas fo life!!!!

    btw it’s Carrefour

  4. Cute UAE

    That was an excellent surprise trip :D

    Have u been to the Magic Planet at Mall of the Emirates?! It’s WICKED man!!!…It’s the Arcade for the not “physically” kids, but “spiritually” kids! My friends and I go there at 10:00a.m. when its all quiet to play AALLLL the games!! HAHAHAHA…(make sure u save for it to unleash the kid within u!!) :P

  5. CuteUAE: lol! I havent been there yet! Maybe next time! That place is seriously huge!!!! Everytime I go there I discover something!

  6. Cute UAE

    My god!! Marzouq!! Please don’t tell me that u missed the ski slope at Mall of the Emirates too?!!

  7. CuteUAE: nono.. I saw the ski store! And I also saw the golf store! And I played around in both! I could spend hours in that mall! But need to spend more!

  8. Cute UAE

    Phew! 7ayak ALLAH fi ay wagt!!

  9. hey! I am just waiting to go back to Dubai and check the R/C store. i Must have come 40 times to Dubai but just did not notice the Shops.Had just seen the one on the airport road.Guess i’m getting interested now in it. Have just bought an HPI E-Firestorm Flux in India. The craze is catching here also………….

  10. Vlad

    Do they carry parts for the Team Associated trucks?

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