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Quick Dubai Recap

I wanted to thank sexygoba for giving pointers of where to go in Dubai! I went to Bur Dubai after taking a look at phone prices in Emeriates Mall! And I went to a couple of restaurants at night which she also recommended!

Three restaurants that I enjoyed were:

  • Rib Room
  • Buddha Bar
  • The Noodle House


I also found out that phones in Dubai are rediculously cheaper which I shall be posting a comparison about soon. And the Black MacBook costs 6800 AED which comes out to 536 KD. And electronics wise they have a lot of options for you, I love going into the computer stores there! I feel like I want to walk out with something but I wasnt sure what! They had D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Buffalo, and Hawking wireless products with all the different models that they carry not just a select few like in Kuwait. The one thing that is cheaper to buy online is the memory chips. Your better off buying online.

The one thing I did love was watching a movie in the gold class seating! That was fantastic and uncensored! The seat was more like a relaxed couch! A lot better then Layla Gallery! But they charge 8 KD for the Gold class seats but they are well worth it! And so many uncensored movies to choose from. But the funny part is that they censored some magazines which I didnt why they are selling them in the first place. They blacked out a couple of pictures in Maxim and Stuff magazine and I dont even understand why they even have them? These magazines are mostly women posing with as little as legally cloths as possible with funny articles all over the places. And they blacked out 1 out of every 10 pictures which seemed funny to me. I dont get their criteria for censorship, but at least they have a ton of books! Loved walking through the Virgin Megastore couldnt get enough of the books in their! I wanted to buy a lot of books but then I remembered that my bag will be extremely heavy if I did that! I will be posting a lot of pictures later on in the day!

Another thing that was cool is that people drive decently over there. Some people cut you off and their are the few crazy ones, but over all people are pretty good about it. No crazy stuff. I saw a couple of normal motorcycles riding around which made me want to ride. There were a lot of the devlivery motorcycles running around, the ones that look like the Domino Pizza Delivery type motorcycle! It was funny what some of these guys were doing while riding. They thought it was India where they could drive slowly down the highway and talk, they were lucky they werent in Kuwait!