Early Meeting!

Seriously! Who scheduelles a meeting at 7:30am! Now thats early, I had to get up, eat, and shower quick to be out of the door by 7am! And thing is my day isnt going to be any shorter because of that! Im going to run out of battery today I know it! I wanted to hit the gym today! I know I shouldnt be lazy and probably go, but damn! Im up too early! Im not even riding!!!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Cute UAE

    A9ba7na wa a9ba7 almulk lilaaaaaaaah!!!

    ALLAHuma ma a9ba7a bi min ni3matin aw bi2a7adin min 5algika fa minka wa7daka la shareeeek lak….falaka al7amdu walaka ashukr!!!

    laaaaaaaaaaaaa ilaha illah ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!

    Now may ALLAH bless u’r day and be it PROSPEROUS enough for u to run to the gym and have a decent ride with ur bike too!!!!! :D

  2. Cute UAE: Thanks! Its off to a rough start, but im still thinking about getting on the bike!

  3. moocherx

    see you down the gym later!

  4. moocherx: Im going and I dont care how tired my ass is!

  5. moocherx

    if you’re sleeping on the sofa behind the running machines, I’ll throw a barbell at ya!

  6. moocherx: hahahahahaha! OK.. make sure is no heavier then 10 lbs!

  7. LOL! You need to stick to your plan! Go to the gym even if ur tired..at least workout for 1/2 an hour and u’ll feel great about it!

  8. OC: damn it! Ok ok.. I will go today.. Im sure I will.. to many people know now! hehehe! I will get some cardio in and some light lifting!

  9. moe

    Well employees at braums have a meeting at 7:00 in the morning here in states. So you are not the only one .

  10. moe: I dont work for Braums now do I, and this aint the states smart guy!

  11. see… people who arrange meetings at 7:30am have no lives, so they expect no one else does either… or they know others do and they wanna ruin it for the rest of us.

    People… we’re young! We like to go out and have fun. 7:30am is the time where we begin to realize the sun’s out: keyword:- BEGIN
    (in my case, its a whole different time zone).

    Cut Marzouq some slack!

  12. princess: dont worry about Moe, he is the funny pessesmist that gets on here once every blue moon! hehehe!

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