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Shooting Range!

We had a good time there! We shot a couple of different guns! I shot the .45 caliber and it was damn fun!
My friend shot a .40 Caliber and it was revolver with one hell of kick to it, with a sensitive trigger! It felt wanted to jump out of his hand! The .45 Caliber was different, you need to squeeze it all the way to let out the bullet! It was fun as hell! And it felt like a scene from Letal Weapon! The .40 Caliber was so damn loud that even with the ear muffs on I was going deaf! It cost me 5 KD and him 4 KD for 20 bullets each, and you can let the other person shoot no problem.




After finishing our round we went to the rifle range, and we picked the 5.56 Caliber gun because they were out o fthe 7.62. And these Sniper Rifles are damn accurate! I shooting them! 20 KD for 40 bullets between the two of us. And we got there with a lot of people taking shots. Which was fun watching them. When I shoot, I shoot really fast. It takes me 5 mins to shoot 10 bullets. But its maybe because Im used to that Rifle! The funny part is before coming to the this range I’ve never shot any gun before. We spent about an hour and a half there, and we could have been there longer but one of our friends wanted to leave.


The techi giving my friend some pointers, different ways to hold and aim the gun! Great help!


I love this sniper rifle!


I wasnt helping sitting behind him and taunting him! But I didnt forget he had the gun in his hand!


I think this is a good place to enjoy yourself! And the crazy part is seeing the girls that shoot! Some girls love to shoot!

You could take a look at the pricelist to get idea of how you will be spending.

Website: NRCKuwait (The website has music that doesnt stop playing, and no way to stop it unless you mute it)

More Pictures Below


Looking at my bullets getting ready to shoot!


Talk about high risk job, and no .. nobody was shooting!

Getting ready to shoot while the targets are getting changed!