Listening To (Aug 06):


I lean towards hip hop, RnB, and Rap. So if you want to know whats the new music out there for this month I think this is a good list to go by.

  • Ciara – Get Up ft. Chamillionare
  • Janet Jackson ft. Nelly – Call On Me
  • Three 6 Mafia – Side 2 Side (remix)
  • Noelle – Like That (ft. Pit Bull)
  • Busta Rhymes – I Love My Bitch
  • Chingy – Pullin’ Me Back (ft. Tyrese)
  • T.I. – Why you wanna
  • Sean Paul – Give it up to me (remix)
  • Megan Rochell – Floating
  • Lil wayne & Birdman – Stunting Like My Daddy
  • Lloyd – You (ft. Lil Wayne)
  • Sammie – You Should Be My Girl (ft. Sean Paul)
  • Joe – Where U At (ft. Papoose)
  • Remy Ma – Feel So Good (ft. Ne-Yo)
  • Lloyd Banks -Hands Up (ft. 50 cent)
  • DMX – Lord Give Me a Sign

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sami

    nice collection
    have u heard these, they’re pretty good:
    DJ Khaled – Holla at Me
    Clipse ft. Pharell – Mr. Me Too

  2. nice collection

    could you burn them for me on a CD and send them :p

  3. chr0nik

    theres this song playin on the radio by akon feat obie trice..any idea whats tha name?

  4. Sami: Dont like the DJ Khaled song too much and I havent heard the Clipse song yet I will look for it!

    Laialy: send them where? lol

    chr0nik: Nope, I will look for it and update later!

  5. ‘Feel So Good’
    ‘I Love My Bitch’
    ‘Pullin’ Me Back’
    ‘Side 2 Side’
    ‘Give it up to me’

    …Marzouk Marzouk Marzouk…

  6. Sami

    chrOnik: It’s Snitch – Obie Trice ft. Akon

  7. amer: what could i say! hehehehe

    Sami: thanks for the info, I was wondering too!

  8. chr0nik

    thnx sami

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