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Nephew Beta V2.23

Nephew Update V2.23

He surprised me the other day when he could sit on hit butt and not fall over! I was smiling like he won the Pulitzer Prize! I was so freaking happy! I was jumping up and down like an idiot clapping for him, but he looks at me wondering whats this clown doing!

He likes my american football ball, its his size and he looks funny holding on to it. Then he wants to chew on it!
He has learned to gain some traction these days so he is dragging himself across the floor like an army platoon which is funny, I keep having to pick him up because I know he just wants to chew something, so I watch his direction!

He looks at my e3gaal (black round headgear) like its a toy so when I come from work and pick him up he looks at me then he looks up and wants to either put it in his mouth or shake it tirelessly! So I move him just far enough so that he cant grab, but then he wants to climb and my face seems to be the surface of his choice and I know his grip gotten stronger because he scratched the hell out of my nose but all I could think is that he is growing so I kept laughing while he was doing that!

When I went to the gym and came back he was getting a hair cut, but he was screaming so much it broke my heart. So when I walked into the bathroom where he was getting a haircut he saw me, and turned to me. And so I picked him up and took him out. I didnt care about the hair, all I cared about was that he was breaking my heart. And then I was walking around with him, he started crying less and then he put his head on my shoulder and relaxed. Thinking nobody could touch him now and that I had nothing to do with that I was his safe zone. So I was happy that he was feeling better, but you the know when he is sniffing and breathing quick it made me melt, but Im happy I slowly could make him laugh.

And the past couple of days he has bumped his head into a few things, but he is learning not to throw himself back. I think a few bruises and kid learns. And he is learning! hehehe!

And when he is talking its like “na na na na.. da da da da.. ma ma ma.. nananananana… naaaa. brrrr.. nanananana” and I talk to him about normal that I was doing in the day! And I know he knows what Im talking about!