Review: Ah My Goddess!



Plot Summary: While staying alone in his dormitory, college student Keiichi Morisato was trying to call some restaurants for delivery when he accidentally called the Goddess Help Line. Suddenly, the mirror near him glowed and a beautiful goddess named Belldandy appeared out of it. She granted Keiichi his one wish for her to be his girlfriend forever. After being kicked out of the dorm, Keiichi and Belldandy now live in an old temple with her sisters Urd and Skuld.

This is one hell of anime. I kep hearing that this is a really good anime, but I never really believe the hype. When I started watching this show all I could do was laugh at Keichi and his predicamints. Then Belldandy popped into the scene, and turned everything upside down. Since she is a goddess who helps good people who are unfortunate. And to say that Keichi is unfortunate is an understatment. This story is original and takes twists and turns I havent seen before. Then her sisters from heaven Urd, and Skuld pop in because they miss her and want to be with her. With all the friends and family with this huge bunch its one great romantic comedy. You really get drawn into the story and I wasnt happy that I finished it. Its one of those animes that you want more of! I really liked it and recommend it to people!

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  1. You need to give me one entire season or show so that I can see what it’s all about but please not Naruto since it’s up to episode 198 or something like that and God knows I’m not up to watching 100+ episodes :P

  2. Cute UAE

    Marzouq-saaaaaaaaan!!!!! Thank u!!!!

  3. Jackie: loool! Ok I can burn a few things to dvd no problem I think you would enjoy it!

    Cute UAE: No problem! Enjoy!! hehehe! I think I will go with Zook-san! hehehe!

  4. Cute UAE

    wallah el3atheeem kint baktiblik Zook-san! …ba3dain I was like….lemme start it off with Marzouq-san and see how he takes it!
    Ya Zook-san intah!!

  5. Cute UAE: llloooooll! After all this I might move to Japan for a bit! and do that thing over there! hehehe!

  6. YES OH YESSSSSSS!! Major fan of the show…love it. Very original, very funny, cool drawings, love the movies, and Belldandy is extremely cute for a goddess LOL. Thanks for the great review Marzuoq…you sure made my day.

    OK, here is another hilarious but yet (VERY NUAGHTY) anime I have been wondering if you have seen it yet: GOLDEN BOY LOL :D

  7. Fallen Angel: hehehe! Im happy you liked it! I have the orignal series of Golden Boy of VHS from back in the mid 90s! I loved that show, it was naughty but great fun! hehehe! I will posting some more of this kind!

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