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248am Meet


I got up after taking a nap. I wanted to get there by 9pm. I checked mp3 player, put on the underarmor for my legs, then the jeans. I went down stairs to the batcave! Put my jacket on, then switched on the bike, put the helmet on and gloves. Made sure my mp3 player was working right.

Then I rode off into the night! The weather wasnt too bad, at least I wasnt feeling the heat which burns. But as long as I kept moving it was cool. I took the 5th ring road which was filled with traffic and I was flying through it, trying to get through slowly and without being hit! It was like a obstcale course! I was happy that it was flowing! And Nibaq mentioned that he saw me flying through traffic! hehehe!

Got to the starbucks fashionably late because of traffic, parked the bike in front of starbucks. Got down, ordered a cool drink went upstairs to the 248am Meet. And a decent number of people showed up, and last put some faces to names. It was fun, but we need to do it earlier next time! Not enough time to sit with everyone and get to know them. It was pretty cool, and enjoyable. Then when I was leaving, I gave Nat a quick ride hitting about 220 Kph on the road between traffic, and I think she liked the rush. And I will give Mark a ride at another time! Great to meet everyone, hope to meet up again!

The ride back was fun since I took the sea side the whole way back, and everytime I passed a van or suv full of kids they would stare at the stop light or wave like crazy when Im passing by, and I always wave back. It was nice and cool for once for a bit! Maybe the humidity helped a bit! At the last light before heading home this suv full kids wanted to see me take off so I had to oblige with a light wheelie, and then I got home parked the bike and cleaned my visor. Took off my gear, showered and time to pass out!