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The Laptop Saga Continues!

As I have mentioned in my previous posts about the relationship me and my laptop have, well its a bumpy one but we get a long… for now!

Current Issues:

  • CD/DVD drive doesnt show when I start up.
    • I have to restart and push the drive in, and it may show up!
  • Still having to login then logout then login to make everything work.
    • Basically to get everything to start up right I have to go through this process everytime, I think my family is very familiar with Windows login/logout sound by now
  • Some how sound came back of its own accord! And its not fluctuating or anything now

I think its fighting this battle, and limping through! Its not going to die quietly! And I like that about the laptop! thats why im sticking with it for a little while longer! Lets see how it goes, and after the WWDC I know now the Leopard wont be out until Spring of 2007. So Im sure nothing newer is going to come out anytime soon, but I shall be patient.