The Heat!

I have been running around all morning from meeting to meeting.. I got back in the office around 1pm for another meeting. But while I was going around for meetings in Shuweikh the temperature in my car while I was stuck in traffic was 50C! It was boiling outside!

I was stuck in traffic and the A/C from the landcruiser was barely catching up! I was moving closer to the A/C vent because I was heating up! So many meetings, I think the best thing out of them was the cold water I kept asking for! And even in my work the A/C wasnt catching up! I think it was supposed to cool off for bit, it was slightly cool the past two days with the light humidity but today was humid and hot as hell!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. tell me about it. am still at the office and dont wanna leave cos of the humidity!

  2. Fonzy: It drove me nuts going from meeting to meeting outside!

  3. Okay… Kuwait and the rest of the god forsaken hot countries should do one of two things or even both:

    1-Impose that all cars are protected with the “legalley” darkest V-cool film on the windows

    2-switch day to night and night to day… work in the evening and stay at home or sleep in the mornings…

    only in from mid june to mid sept… cuz its freakishy hot in this …….

  4. princess: I agree with point 1 and point 2! now lets make it the law!

  5. So all this because I’m not back home? :/

  6. Wer3y: o hell yeah I would kill for that!

    Jackie: no I think it would be just as hot! lol!

    Laialy: I wish for 29 here! 7asafa!

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