Virgin Megastore Dubai


There are a ton of books everywhere! I was all over the dvds and CDs trying to figure out what I wanted and how much weight I could carry! But look at the amount of books! this place is pretty damn big, with a huge selection. I was just picking up book after book and reading through them. If you look at the second picture towards the right there are the brightly colored books which are the explorer books. They are seriously great! Lots of info especially for Dubai and how to get through the Red tape. I bought me a copy just to read through it and stuff.

So many books that I just wrote down to order from Amazon before I forget, but there were some stuff I couldnt resist buying. And I was playing around withe the Black MacBook which was selling for 6800 AEDs (536 KD). And it was so sick! I want to pick one up, but I will wait until I know what exactly is going on with the new OS. The whole Virgin setup there is great! The one in Kuwait is good, and it is improving I will give them that. But they need to put more effort into the book section! Make more presentable and putting new books where people could see them like the Dubai store.

Fantastic! I loved being in there! I miss just chilling at a bookstore!



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Go ahead and grab the black macbook :P I need partners in crime ;P

  2. read? buy a book? if it’s a not a text book and i am not buying it :p

  3. chr0nik

    Is this the same virgin store in city center? Yep the virgin in marina mall is improving, i remember when they started out the dvd section just had a handful of movies, now they have a better collection

  4. Jacqui: looool, still thinking about it!

    Laialy: hahahaha! You would be surprised what you find and like!

    chr0nik: no this is the Virgin in Emirates Mall, the HUGE one! I think its pretty good! I hope the book section improves in organization soon!

  5. seriously.. it is an amazing setup. Reminds me of the one in Lebanon, where I used to spend hours. The one in Kuwait also needs to work on their CD section. They have diversification, but not many choices for each. I know I have trouble finding something good in the House section.

  6. :: I was taking some pictures there but i did complete my album when the security came to me and said “DONT TAKE ANY PICTURE IT IS NOT ALLOWED !”

    i blame my self every time i see Virgin in Kuwait, coz i did collect my dvds from Dubai ;/

  7. Fonzy: yeah I know what you mean, sometimes I want a good dance cd and I dont find anything to suit me! But I hope they keep improving.. they are a lot better then from what they were when they started..

    Frankom: loool.. I would have told him.. go bother somebody that is stealing something! hehehe

    K: hahahaha! She came in the last second! hehehe!

  8. The major difference i noticed was NEATNESS!
    Virgin in Kuwait is TOO 3afsa!

  9. dishevelled: I agree, but they have been improving. Its the book section that needs improving. alot! they need to organize! they seem to just pile everything up!

  10. filip


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  11. Abelin

    I’m looking for a book named: “Best Americal travel writing” edition 2000.
    Can you please let me know whether whis book is available on your store or not?

    Thanks a lot,


  12. jennifer

    hi people,

    i just want to know if virgin megastore sells software languages especially “learn german language” software


  13. hussain


    i just want to know if virgin megastore sells Wii

  14. Does anyone know if Virgin Megastores in UAE have a procurement department? If so how do i get in touch with them?

  15. yesser

    i hope it has “las vegas’ the show,coz last time i looked out in city centre virgin mega store n i didn’t find it..

  16. zohreh

    they suck
    I wanted celine dion dvds they only had one

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