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I just wanted to clear this up for a few people, because I was wondering about this as well. And after asking the right technicians and engineers for some of these bike engines I have a simple answer.

If your bike requires you to put high octane fuel in your Motorcycle (or car) then you shoudl stick to high octane fuel. If you put lower octane fuel in that same bike then its performance will deteriorate. Certain engines require high octance fuel.

If you have a motorcycle that you have been fueling with normal octane its performence will not improve if you put high octane fuel. Some people have had the false idea that the motorcycle’s performance will improve if they go for the higher octane, but it wont (that goes for vehicles too).

Certain engines are meant to run with certain parameters in mind.


Like this motorcycle the BMW R 1200 GS is meant to be a bike that can cross the globe, and so its engine is meant to take different grades of fuel and still perform. Its a powerful engine that will always perform, but they had remote areas with low grade fueling in mind and the bike is very powerful.

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  1. OK in Kuwait we have 3 types of fuel. The red, gold and green. How much Octane is each?

  2. OK here is the break down!!
    Higher ocatane first
    1) Green (105)
    2) Gold (93)
    3) Red (89)

    Im pretty sure about the green, and the gold & red are like that. But whats important is that green 100+ and its what you want in high performance engine!

  3. monster needs like 95 octane and up.
    dont know of any gas station in salmiya with the green though…

  4. Mark: check with salim, but you might have to go outside of salmiya to fill up gas if it has to have green.. I dont think it really needs the green, it might be ok with the gold! Im pretty sure its ok with the gold.

  5. Kuwaity

    Ok this really old post but I have to correct some thing.

    Our fuel types are:

    Ulta super (Green pump) = 98 RON
    Super (golden pump) = 95 RON
    premium (red pump) = 91 RON

    And there is EU4 fuel (pink pump) which is basically ultra-low Sulfur fuel that is used in EU to reduce emissions and work with EU4 catalytic converters. This Fuel is either 95 or 98 RON. No one gave me a clear answer yet!

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