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Late Night Ride II


Its a Thursday, and I didnt feel like moving all day after work. I want to do something productive, I just wanted to burn the energy that I had left. You know when you leave your phone on until it just dies, and then you charge it. Well thats the point I wanted to reach. So I decided to get on my bike around 8:45 pm, and go for a ride. Got my camera and mp3 player so I went down and geared up getting ready to ride.

I took the Malik Fahad Highway to the Second Ring Road, and from their I went the seaside for a nice ride and roads were relatively empty on that side, I kept pushing the bike on empty stretchs for the sake of getting into the zone. I could feel that I was tired, but I was getting into the zone. I felt good about reading the road, and scanning for cars while listening to my mp3 player!


Three songs got me going when I heard them:

  • Nelly – Number One
  • JayZ – Encore
  • Night Rider – Theme (I was really into this one)

It was hot but not that bad as long as I was moving I felt good! Then I came back down the second ring road the airport road until the sixth ring road, and I passed by Arjan complex made a U-turn at the Bide3 round about because I hit a good amount of traffic which I wanted to avoid. And then I took the road home, while listening to Will Smith MIB! hehehe! I felt exhausted! It was the perfect ride an hour and a half of getting my energy out and I was heading home.

Got downstairs, parked the bike gave Robo a quick clean up because of the dust, and I cleaned my visor and put things back in place. I ordered Kabab-Ji, and then headed upstairs to take a shower and damn that felt good. I said hello to the family, and I took my anime dvd to the basement and 10 mins later the food arrived. I stuffed my self silly! hehehe! And I was slowly passing out downstairs. So I headed up to my room, to pass out and damn that felt good!