Noodle House Dubai

I give this place 3 out of 5



This restaurant is located in Emirate Towers, and it conveniently located on the ground floor. Its a mix of Chinese and Thai food. The atmosphere is very nice, and they have a few tables for people to sit at, but usually you sit on benchs with other people so its pretty different.When you order there is chart and a pen for you to Mark what you want. There are lots of waitresses running around left and right, so its got a fun feeling to it! I ordered a different variety of dishs on the menu. And I got a 7-up, just really felt like it. They had a lot of juices to choose from, but I didnt feel like it. The starters came out, and we started grubbing, then the food started coming out 20 mins later. We were hungry as hell!


The Dishs I recommend:

  • Sweet and sour Chicken
  • Szecheun Beef
  • Singaporian Chicken and Shrimp noodles
  • Chilli Shrimp (if you like hot)

The vegetable fried rice wasnt good though! So I dont recommend that! The food overall was good, nothing great but it hit the spot. I will probably go back there if Im in Dubai, its a good place for quick bites. But we left there stuffed!

Rating: r3.0.bmp

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Cute UAE

    The Chilli Shrimp is my ULTRA favorite @ the Noodle House! I beg them fro extra chilli hot!

    U sooooooooo feeeeeeel stuffed!
    Next time drink it with green tea ;)

  2. Cute UAE: Im hungry as hell right now too! I could use that food! hehehe!

  3. Cute UAE

    order for 2 please!!!

  4. Cute UAE: and 2 sweet and sour chicken!

    transparently: yes i know.. and im hungry!

  5. transparently: lool! thanks! I will be heading to food in 30 mins!

  6. Best to drink green tea along with your meal to digest all that food :)

  7. Even though you gave it three stars it seems ga3detah 7elwah…I will make sure to stop there when I go to Dubia. Now, about your “Virgin Megastore” post…you said you bought tons of DVDs…hope you can share your collection with us lol :)

  8. Jewaira: Agreed!

    Fallen: I got a couple of good dvds! hehehe! Like you said el ga3dah 7ilwa and the food was ok! thats why i gave three stars I expected better!

  9. Noodle house is coming to Kuwait soon …
    :D …
    Zouq …. you get special VIP card when they open…

  10. fractal: loool! Hopefully its good! I will try it out! Where is going to be ?

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