Review: Nokia 6280



  • Picture across screen of contacts
  • Quick Start Up
  • Fast Performance, Little or no lag.
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera
  • Large font for texts, numbers on screen.
  • Front, and rear camera for Video Calling (tried it once)
  • Good Bluetooth Connection
  • Very Light
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Bright Screen, and great screen
  • Shows you the number text msgs recieved and sent (I find this useful)
  • 3G/ EDGE capable
  • Good keyboard
  • Good pictures and Video
  • Price


  • Short Battery Life (1 Day with medium usage)
  • Sliding Mechanism a bit cheaply built
  • The World Clock is very complicated
  • The Speaker isnt as loud as I expected
  • Sometimes it restarts on its own, not often. Just like once every week or two.
  • Slightly weak signal

Who its for:

I think its for people who want a very light phone, and like to take some pictures while they are moving around. The screen is very bright, and it turns smilys into images which is different from most phone. It has basic functionality, and more multimedia oriented, but Im surprised the speaker is weak. I think people who like sliding phones and want something reasonable priced which takes decent pictures then this is your choice. I would also take the Sony Ericcson K610i into consideration.

Rating: r3.0.bmp

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Aww that’s your fone and ananyah’s hehe :P

  2. Cute UAE

    Zouk-san!! :P
    What do u think of the N73 and SE K800i?
    There aren’t many helpful reviews online about N73!

  3. Jacqui: hehehe.. Cute UAE just asked the magic question. Switched to N73.

    Cute UAE: check out this link, I think its helpful for you.

    Im going to write up a review of the N73 soon. What phone do you have and are you tied to Nokia?

  4. Cute UAE

    I’m a Nokia freak…loyalist…whatever u wana call me…..and have a hard time changing phones…coz I always believe that the best one is soooon about to arrive…until WHAM!!! The N-series started showing up…then I said….No girl!…wait for the next generation of N-series model coz by that time they’ll fix up any diffeciencies….until my eyes fell on the N73! (I’d hate to admit that it could be love from first sight!) k3k3k3k3!!

  5. Cute UAE: ok! let me give you the low down, the N73 is a great phone, with lots of functionality! I really like it! I have it right now, and it got strong signal, the only thing is that the sms is slow to load, and contacts a bit slow. But other then that its a really good phone! The K800i has the perfect OS, and always functions well. I really like its, its compact and has great speakers, but so the N73 the speakers on it are fantastic! The screen on the N73 is huge, thats why its bulkier then the K800i! I hope that helps.. I will write a proper review after using it completely!

  6. Cute UAE

    Tislaaaaaaaaaaam Zouk-san! :P

  7. thats mineeeeeee it is :P im bored of it now tho! >.

  8. ananyah: loool! It did the job for me for a while, but I need somethig different at the time.

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