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If you are traveling through Kuwait to a European destination you can not take on any carry on luggage. The only items you are allowed are:

  • Wallet with credit cards, cash, identification
  • Travel Documents
  • Medication (diabetic kit ok)
  • Baby food for babies
  • keys (non electronic)
  • glasses with no case

Everything else has to be checked in. Every gadget you have: mp3 player, camera, laptop, lip gloss, liquids(very techinical gadget), everything. And yes for those of you wondering, no make up!
They are implementing it for all airlines going to Europe and the States, and they think they are going to enforce this rule for travel within the GCC as well. So you cant carry anything. I just heard this from a friend it he Civil Aviation. Things are going to get crazy at Kuwait Airport, I dont know what is happening at other airports.

You can carry a book, and magazines with you, but I dont think anything else!

Update: No problems bringing a carry-on on GCC flights. Still banned on European flights. They are fine tuning the details! Still more to come.

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  1. chr0nik

    No make-up kits allowed!! OMG hehe.. seriously tho this is crazy, u gotta check in ur laptops n other electronic stuff is risky with the way they handle the bags while loading/unloading.

  2. So you can get your magazines and books? I hear paper cuts can be dangerous.

  3. chr0nik: thats my problem too! I think they would destroy the laptops! they would handle it horribly!

    transparently: Yes its very dangerous!!!!!! hehehe!

  4. Fats

    Oh i thought the rule was only in place for flights out of Britain,and on the British airway flights from USA to the Uk.

    Damn i need to fly out pretty soon.this will be a hassle.

  5. moocherx

    if I ask nicely, do you think they’ll ban kids on flights out of KUwait???

  6. Laialy: yeah

    Fats: they just applied the rule now, and yeah its going to be a hassle for everyone!

    moocherx: I think they should just ban Kuwait Airways! hehehe!

  7. this is sad, and its going to get worse as the days go by…

  8. lol

    a7san 3shan shway yit3alimon al girls some simplicity ;p
    o travel light thats what i always used to say …
    i think this is for the best inshalah.
    ok what about shoes???
    lol did they say anything about shoes???

  9. princess: I agree!

    no3ik: loool! No they didnt say anything thing about the shoes! Just dont carry any liquids! hehehe! I just need my gadgets!

  10. This will be a big test for those people used to using their mobile or other gadgets while waiting for the flight or in-flight.

    I guess the overhead compartments will be almost empty for once! We usually have to “fight” over space.

  11. Jewaira: I know! Its going to be crazy I wonder how people will react to all this. But its going a bit over board! But we shall see!

    Fallen: yeah, and I will have to put my DS Lite in the check-in!

  12. Hey Marzouk,
    Could you do me a favor and find out details for going from Chicago to Amsertdam to Kuwait. I’m kinda freaked, I don’t wanna put my laptop in. They’ll skrew it up.

  13. Aqib: Ok I just asked, and any rules applying to flights to the UK are also being applied to US flights as well so you have check in your laptop! put it between a lot of clothing.. thats the only recommendation I could make for you! Im traveling soon as well, and I cant do anything about it!

  14. I heard Jazeera airways also implemented this no gadget carry restrictions

    im planning to have some business trips later this month… but im wondering how to pack my laptop … hmmmm….

  15. rayboy: Not sure about Jazeera, but I heard GCC countries are ok. You should check back with them in a week and see where they stand!

  16. 7nen

    I am dreading my trip back to q8.. its usa to london to q8 and its going to be a disaster i know it.. no perfume for when it gets stuffy and smelly .. no hand lotion.. except the boring kind we get in flight.. :'( no putting on nail polish to kill time.. :'(

    my brother is leaving in 3 days alone.. im worrying about him.. they say heathrow airport is a disaster right now..

  17. 7nen: If you can switch airlines, please do. That is my recommendation. From I know about Heathrow airport right now, your bags arrive todays after you where ever you go. Alah ekoon ib 3oon okhooch! I recommend Frankfurt as a transit point!

  18. Lexicon

    Not even an Ipod? i have a flight to montreal in 4 days!!

  19. Lexicon: Especially not an Ipod! If your going through london then your basically screwed!

  20. 7nen

    yaiy we can bring ipods now! plus mobile phone, and a small bag, too!!

    my bro arrived in q8 but he’s kindof ib3alam weya rab3a so not answring me to tell me how the trip was..

  21. 7nen: 7amdilla 3ala salaamat okhooch! well thats good news! I dont know how much longer they could have kept this up! I will check with the airlibes on saturday, but did your brother come from the US or UK?

  22. 7nen

    Allah yselmik,,

    BOTH! he left from the US, and his transit was in London..

    Last time he travelled the same trip but with my other brother and they were kind of harrassed and he said they looked at their place of birth (Q8) (coz they had US passports), and then told them “Oh, you both are RANDOMLY selected to be hand searched”..

    I hope they didnt give him a hard time hal marra..

  23. 7nen: inshalla they didnt! Bes I know what he goes through.. I go through it all the time when traveling through the states!

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