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*Travel News*

If you are traveling through Kuwait to a European destination you can not take on any carry on luggage. The only items you are allowed are:

  • Wallet with credit cards, cash, identification
  • Travel Documents
  • Medication (diabetic kit ok)
  • Baby food for babies
  • keys (non electronic)
  • glasses with no case

Everything else has to be checked in. Every gadget you have: mp3 player, camera, laptop, lip gloss, liquids(very techinical gadget), everything. And yes for those of you wondering, no make up!
They are implementing it for all airlines going to Europe and the States, and they think they are going to enforce this rule for travel within the GCC as well. So you cant carry anything. I just heard this from a friend it he Civil Aviation. Things are going to get crazy at Kuwait Airport, I dont know what is happening at other airports.

You can carry a book, and magazines with you, but I dont think anything else!

Update: No problems bringing a carry-on on GCC flights. Still banned on European flights. They are fine tuning the details! Still more to come.