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Motorcycle Parts!

There are few parts I want to upgrade on Robo! One is changed the lever for quicker shifting, or for it be easier on my hands. Secondly I want to change the exhaust, to give a deeper tone.


This the CRG Roll-A-Click Lever, it is an amazing improvement on regular levers, and it fits perfectly with the form of your hands. Some people use two fingers, and some people use three fingers to grab the clutch and this product makes it easier for everyone. The O.E. clutch levers usually crush your pinky fingers if you pull in too much or they are just too far away and you have to make an effort. Some of them have the ability to be adjusted, but those are very few. These levers give you the ability to adjust them. I have them on my R1 and I love them!


Website: CRG
Price: $125 (for one) , you need two (one for the clutch, and the other for the break)


The second thing I want to upgrade is the exhaust on my bike! It looks cool, but I have burnt myself one too many times because its all polished steel, and gets really hot without you noticing. You think I would learn not to come near it, but no. And I do want a deeper tone to the motorcycle! Nothing screaming, just a deeper exhaust tone and something to fit the carbon fiber look! And I think the Two Brothers Slip-On exhaust will do the job!


Website: Two Brothers
Price: $649.00