Work Hunger

I’ve been running around all morning, going from meeting to meeting. I usually just drink water because I want something. Everyone insists on tea when I would rather just have some cold water! I have to say that everyone is hospitable from that point of view.

Then I feel the hunger creep up on me! And a few blogs that I read through this morning have mentioned food a few times from Pizza on No3iks blog to Indian food on CyberRowdys blog. So now Im hungry as well, and I have to go to another meeting!

Icecream would hit the spot right now! I usually get hungry around 1pm, but sometimes earlier if Im running around. And today Im hungry!


And I think a Hot Dog would hit the spot! A Chilli Dog is exactly what would hit the spot!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. oh my god u made me hungry right now !!
    bel 3afiya.

  2. have you tried Nathans hot dogs here in Kuwait? Found a branch last time by mistake..

  3. heyy and I aggravated your feelings by posting the Taal menu….hehehe!

  4. Wer3y: im not hungry anymore! hehehe

    Mark: No I have never tried it, I think the best hotdog I have ever had was in a baseball game in the states!

    Cyber: hell yeah you did!

  5. LoooooooooooooL

    you should carry some food on you like cacaw … that would be hard with q8 weather … sorry i take that back

    Allah e3eenik

  6. Honey

    OMG !!!
    im already starving !!
    that sandwich is killing me

  7. Laialy: It would melt two minutes after walking out of the baqalah!

    Honey: hehehe! I know it was killing me earlier in the day!

  8. My blog doesn’t help as well right? :P

  9. Now, im hungry :p

    I not a hot dog fan, bas this 1 loooks delicious…

  10. i got it!

    you should keep Kitko (the one with colorful rings … it’s the yummy’est one) near by :D

    wha6 do you tink?

  11. Cute UAE


    Here’s my story :'( …..yesterday I only had for breakfast 3 mini pancakes and a cup of chahi karak, and the rest of day was spent on running around the office and around Dubai for meetings, so I’ve had only water. My fish mashway lunch was awaiting me at home, but coz I wanted a change of scenery I decided to go and chill at a cafe at 6:00p.m. and have a delicious chocolate donut b4 I go back home and munch on my fish! By the time I got back home and asked to heat my lunch I slept on the couch!!! To wake up at 11:30p.m. dizzy, hungry and just zooooming for the bed!!!

    Today morning, just now, as my tummy is growling for food, I log onto ur website to see this delicious looking sandwich!!!!!!!

    (el7imdilaaaaaaah I got my breakfast to the office!)

  12. God, that hotdog looks good :(( It’s 8am and I’m ar work and about to go to rounds…and I’m hungry thanx to your post LOL! No time to eat unfortunately!!! Next time you should take your breakfast with you and eat it before your meetings so you won’t feel that way!! (Look who’s talking LOL!) Actually i usually do that, but today I was running late!

  13. Jacqui: I only read your blog now after lunch or after breakfast! lol!

    Bella: Those who dont like hot dogs, would looovvveee this one! hehehe!

    Laialy: laaa.. I need hot food! Im not a snack type of person! I would ask for a pizza if possible!

    Cute UAE: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! What a day! Alah ekoon ib 3oonich! Now that must’ve been hectic, but I know what you mean after running around so much you just pass out and ont eat anything, but then it gets to you in the morning!

    OC: Take what with! I eat Frosties for breakfast! I cant take that with me! Im remembering Pop Tarts from back in the day! Goodluck with your rounds!

  14. Listen Marzouq,
    Ramadan is just around the corner. I hope you will stop posting about food – otherwise your readers will be rolling in agony on the floor in excruciating hunger!

  15. Jewaira: you know I thought about that the other day, Maybe once a week! hehehe! The food will be difficult to resist!

  16. That’s it. I vow never to check your blog unless i’m beyond full !!!

  17. MSB: This post seemed to have hit more nerves with post! Food seems to be a sensitive topic! I shall be all over this! loool!

  18. it’s not so much just THIS post. all ur food posts have left me drooling..!! this was the straw tho..

  19. MSB: hahahahaa! I have some more food posts to make! thats the funny part!

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